Witter returns - Silly soon back….

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Wow - good news, #32 is back in the lineup.

He is one that was sorely missed in the lineup. Although others have admirably stepped up their games for him, it will be nice to have the guys play their normal time and usage.

Also this is a major increase in the team’s physicality. I can see a more stronger team both on the puck and on the boards making nuisances. Also having Fritz up with Jackman, gives the team a strong presence.

Tonight - they are facing a Devil team that won last night - so it is up to the team to get the system moving quickly, and make the home team chase and make mistakes.

Tomorrow - they have Buffalo who were really spanked the other night, and may be a little peeved. Especially Ryan Miller, who gave up a seven-spot, and usually is so good against Long Island.

Monday - Montreal - they are sliding a little, but as we all know in person - don’t give them a moment of breathing room, because you will be chopped down, to say the least. And those damn 3rd periods have killed us this year. However, in the past few games, this team has handled them and survived; getting out of the basement to boot.

Let’s hope this weekend will continue that trend. Have a good weekend.

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