White " Home " Jersey............ Next?

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Sutton Back, Hillen to Bridgeport

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With the Islanders defense is Dire Straits as it is, another injury could have really put them but that famous creek without a paddle. Luckily, Andy Sutton, according to Newsday and the team’s official website, is set to make his season debut when the Isles take on the Broad Street Bullies on Thursday.

While he’s a far cry from Paul Coffey, Sutton will be able to give the Isles the toughness they desperately need right now. Aside from Trent Hunter, Nate Thompson, Freddy Meyer and Sean Bergenheim, Doug Weight has been the Islanders biggest physical presence. If you don’t believe me, just ask Brandon Sutter. At any rate, with the way this offense has performed this season, they need as much help on defense as possible.

Islander News Articles 10/29

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Newsday: Katie Strang has Kyle Okposo's comments on his play along with head coach Scott Gordon's on the other things he did well along with the pressure on some of these young players.

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Too bad we did not get this article a day ago, instead our fans had to wait for another writer. I really like Scott Gordon and what he is trying to do with these kids, I only wish Comeau and a few others were part of it.

Islander/Sound Tiger Notables for Tuesday.

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Islanders website: Announced on Tuesday Andy Sutton will make his season debut on Thursday against the Philadelphia Flyers and Jack Hillen has been sent to Bridgeport.

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A bit odd Skinner stays in the lineup who played limited minutes Monday unless another change is coming on defense. Either way Hillen seems the better choice to stay over Skinner.

Seems a question of when before the next injury happens.

Atlantic Division Notes - First Month

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Join me as I reflect on the last month in the Atlantic Division!

Rangers Top Islanders 4-2

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Game Recap

No DiPIetro, no win against the Rangers

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The power of positive thinking can only take you so far.

Up until Monday night's game against the Rangers I'd been trying to convince myself that the Islanders season won't be as bad as everyone thinks it will be. A playoff appearance may not be likely, but I thought that maybe these young players will come together in Scott Gordon's new system, and maybe some of the veterans will feed off the mojo, and we'll all be pleasantly surprised.

But, like Carl Spackler in Caddyshack telling the bishop in the midst of a torrential rainstorm, "I don't think the heavy stuff is coming down for a while," I think I've been deluding myself. Because all signs are pointing to a long season.

Stick to the plan, it is working despite standings

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I'm well aware despite early standings or in the final results folks will not want to read a blog entry this clubs plan is working, especially when it's not generating many goals from it's young players or in this case one goal from Kyle Okposo.

Some of this is more a byproduct of the injuries on defense and players being put into roles that are asking a lot. Last night Campoli and Streit were over twenty five minutes as Gervais came close to thirty the previous games. Pock almost hit twenty minutes while Jack Hillen played over fourteen.

Early Season Frustrations

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I'll be the first to admit that I don't have high expectations for this years team.  It's my mechanism for coping with things that don't turn out as I like and saves me from high blood pressure and other ailments, like broken knuckles from punching walls and bills for repairing my house and local pubs.  Of course I would prefer a team that had a superstar or two, as well as several higher end players that can score goals and consistently make smart plays. 

Isles Fall to Rangers, More Questions Ahead

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Well, that was a fun game wasn’t it?

There’s a reason why the Rangers are in first place and there’s a reason why the Isles have only two wins through eight games this season.

Goaltending and offense my friends. Something the Isles don’t have much of right now.

Through the first 40 minutes though, the Islanders looked like they were holding their own. Kyle Okposo, despite flubbing a few golden opportunities through he first half of the first period, really stepped up his game and easily had his best contest of the season. See what happens when this kid gets his legs moving and isn’t scared to initiate contact in the corners? The same thing goes for Frans Nielsen, who was all over the puck through the first two periods.

Islander News Articles 10/28

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Newsday: Greg Logan has the early recap of Monday's game (no quotes) at this time.

Rangers 4, New York 2

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AP: Has the early recap of the Rangers 4-2 win against the Islanders Monday night.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Not much to write tonight, more tomorrow.

Islanders did not get the breaks or finish the ones they did, MacDonald's first goal against was not a good one and deflected off Guerin but he more than made up for it, hopefully he did not get injured himself when he got hit.

Live Blog: Rangers at Islanders

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Well I just went through a nightmare trying to upload those pics, but now I am live blogging!

Live Tracker

First Period

Late start here Drury gave the Rangers a lead - and the Isles have had two power plays. Yann Dennis is backing up MacDonald and Brett Skinner is dressed for FMIV.

Exclusive Islanders 3rd Jersey Photos!

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Just got done downstairs at the Islanders business club event, where they unveiled the new 3rd jersey to debut at home next Saturday November 1st. As promised, I got out of work early to get downstairs and scoop some photos that we have spoken about since early July!

Mind you these are only a few of the pictures I took - there will be more uploaded when I get home!!

Here they are:

I'm back!

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It has been a long convoluted journey but 6 years and 4 countries later I am back on LI and primed for acces to my first season of NHL hockey in 11 years.  

Islanders New Goal Song

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This is a video that contains the new New York Islanders goal song.  Do you like it?


New York vs Rangers 7pm Msg+

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Islanders website: Has the preview for tonight's game against the Rangers.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I'm sure our fans will get a look at what we hope are some version of the 1972 uniforms as the story line then becomes will this club finish where the 72 version finished in the standings?

No Martinek, Witt, Meyer or likely Sutton and DiPietro hurting or not playing.

Memo to Islanders: We can handle the truth

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First of all, setting a team record for shots on goal in a loss doesn't mean a whole lot to me. A loss is a loss (the third in four games at home, by the way) and scoring only three times on 60 shots isn't much to be proud of. I'm sure Mike Bossy in his day could do better than that blindfolded.

Yes, the Islanders played well enough to win, but the last I looked there was no such column in the standings.

The real news, unfortunately and again, surrounds Rick DiPietro and his health (or lack thereof), with the added twist supplied by the NHL policy of injury nondisclosure, which the Islanders have taken to like tween girls to the Jonas Brothers.

Making Sense of Nonsense

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Isles Injury Policy Rubbing People the Wrong Way

Islanders Setting New Standards? Not even close

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I thought we would have a little fun with the media game and point out a few other local examples that make the New York Islanders seem tame by comparison for anyone who thinks the Islanders are breaking barriers here or even coming close.

I wish I had video of this but I stumbled onto it that night on YES and it was better than the game. The audio does not do justice how upset the Yankee manager was on live television during a post-game interview about injuries.

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