The name of this started back in the day, when I would get together with my friends and watch Islander games. After a goal, great save, nice hit, or fight we would pump our fists screaming YES! I fell in love with hockey when I was young and remember trying to be like Pierre Turgeon while playing street and Roller hockey on the Island.

I've been away from the island for 11 years now, but still manage to stay well in formed about the state of the team. How do I do this, especially considering the neglect of the NHL in most newspapers in the USA, let alone in Asia (where I live)? First, I go to the main New York Islanders Homepage. Also, I frequent the New York Islanders Country Forum, where I have become a semi regular poster (although I never thought I would). I also check out the newspaper sites for articles, as well as some other hockey websites that cover the entire NHL. That leaves the best IMO for last, the blogs.

I have been aggregating the RSS feeds for many blogs in my RSS feed reader for a while to gain information from fans like me, some of which are in the awesome blog box program (I still can't get over that. A very progressive move by the Islanders there). The crux of this site will be the bloggers that support it. Bloggers can add their RSS feeds to this site and join together to disseminate as much information in one place about the Isles. Also, if you don't have a personal blog, you can blog directly to this site and share your valuable input about the Islanders.

** Note: I refuse to add sites any sites myself (unless assistance is required), and I strongly disapprove of other sites that steal content from others so bloggers, please add your own feeds. If any issues should arise regarding this please don't hesitate to contact me about it.

It is the simple goal of this site to be a useful resource for fans and others interested in New York Islanders hockey. As such, trolling, hating, prejudice, personal attacks and other similar attempts at disturbing people will not be tolerated. I reserve the right to edit and/or delete non aggregated content (like comments, post, etc...) if necessary. Rest assured I prefer not to.

The logo on this site was created by Andy Facini of Islanders Castaway. Thanks for the great work Andy!