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A few months ago, I bought a box of 2001-2002 SPX and got a redemption card. Luckily, UD still sent me a Scott Clemenson RC in return for the rookie redemption. I don't the redemption idea. Especially because with older cards, the redemptions may not still be redeemable. Anyone have that problem?

Sorting the Cards

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Well, I just finished going through a box of 2007-2008 SP Authentic and got a few nice cards. I pulled a signed Brent SeaBrook FW RC, Brian McGrattan FW RC, and Alexander Radulov signed FW RC. I would say that although they are nice cards, I was a little disappointed that i didn't get a big time pull. Anyone get a great pull from a 2007-2008 SP Authentic? Til Next Time....

8/26/07 - The Case for Bergeron

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Early this week, it became apparent that the Islanders will have defenseman Bryan Berard try-out at training camp this year. Berard, who will be testing his injury-prone back and poor eyesight for a shot at a job, would be expected to fill the role of offensive defenseman with his powerful shot and offensive skill. But can too many cooks ruin a power play unit? Let's not forget one of the scoring defensemen we already have.

8/25/07 - A New Look

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Hey all, sorry for the brief period of downtime as I fixed the blog template. But as you can see, I've finally got the colors working better, and added a new background image! Please, if you have a second, give me some feedback on the poll to the right! Or, if you really have some great ideas, criticism, or otherwise interesting words to get out, leave a comment.


8/17/07 - Sizes, Prices, and Cut

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Since yesterday, many questions have come up regarding the new RBK Edge uniform for our Isles. The Islanders' order form was oddly vague, and offered little as far as choice and quality.

It also appears that the uniforms being pre-ordered by the Islanders are the replica cut, and even customized for $210, are not the same as those featured by the team.

8/16/07 - New Uniforms Unveiled

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Put this one to bed, folks. After months of speculation, nerves, and flying rumors, the Islanders today unveiled their official RBK Edge uniforms for next season. And let me say, they are very sharp indeed.

1st Blog

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Hello All,

Well, this is my first blog. Welcome!!! It's 2 am and I'm frustrated that hockey cards are so expensive nowadays. Do you think we can bring back the 25 cent packs? Please let me know your thoughts!

8/15/07 - Isles add Vasicek, Depth

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It wouldn't be late summer if you could actually recognize the Islanders team, would it? But as I like to look at it, change is good. And as for a team that lost nearly all of their top players in July, we'll take all the depth we can find.

Today, the Islanders signed depth forward Josef Vasicek. At 26, the large-framed center brings a lot to the defensive end of the forwards. From how he is described, he is another classic 'Nolan-type' player.

8/13/07 - Back in Business

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Hey all,
I'm back at the helm, with a freshly tuned computer and a fresh look at the Islanders community. The summer is beginning to wind down, and as any good hockey fan knows, that means things are just getting started for another year.

But it also means that I'll soon be returning to Boston... a place where there are no Islanders, only Bruins. But that's only going to redouble my efforts here. After all, following the team from afar is what I do; it's why I'm writing here.

Though this week brought some Islanders news I couldn't be here to cover, there will assuredly be plenty more as this summer ends, as training camp begins, and right through until the drop of the puck on October 5th.

8/04/07 - Downtime

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Due to computer repair and a short time spent away from home, Islanders Castaway will be unattended for a little over one week. Apart from (very) major developments, there will be a lull in updates until next Monday at the earliest.

You can find all the latest Islanders related news, rumors, and discussion from any of the fine sites in IslesNet, located on the right-hand side of this page.

As always, thanks for reading!

8/03/07 - Hunter Gets a Raise

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Though not the full asking price for Trent, an arbitrator ruled that Trent Hunter's salary for 2007-08 will rise to $1.55M. As expected, the Islanders accepted the ruling. I couldn't put it better than Garth himself:

"Letting Trent go was never a consideration for us," said Islanders general manager Garth Snow. "He's an important piece to our team; that was never up for debate. We're glad he'll be in an Islanders uniform in September."

He really is the future of this team, on and off the ice. Can't wait to see what he does in the upcoming season. He is on track to have a career year, being an UFA next summer.

8/01/07 - Hunter at Arbitration

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Today, clutch forward Trent Hunter and the Islanders made their cases in front of an NHL arbritator. There is no news regarding the meeting or its outcome, but there will surely be some details.

Check back here often, as well as all the sites in IslesNet for the lastest updates on the case; they may come as early as tonight.


7/28/07 - Isles Uniforms '08 III (Update)

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Thanks to an alert Islanders fan at Islanders Country forums, we now have another look at the new RBK uniforms for next year.

This photo is from Stony Brook University, where there was an Islanders moon-bounce set up as a promotion at the SBU Film Festival.

Hey, it's Yashin! Not sure when this was painted, but it can be assumed that (based on more recent accounts of the uniforms) it was after the buy-out and the order was simply not updated/changed.

7/26/07 - Islanders Uniforms '08... Again

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There's been a recent lull in Islanders news, so now might be a good time to discuss what's new with the uniform redesign for the Isles.

Before all else, let's just acknowledge that nobody really knows what is going on in the Islanders camp, and that everything we know is based on a leaked photo, and dozens of rumors and other conjecture.

Here is the infamous leaked photograph:

We know for sure that the photo was taken with a cell phone, and that the uniforms pictured are real. But real doesn't mean final. Many have noted the various other uniforms hanging up in the photograph, and expect that this one is most likely a prototype.

7/21/07 - Chris Simon Returning for 08

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According to the NHL Players' Association, the Islanders have completed a deal with LW Chris Simon. The terms are $475k over one year. Simon still has a few games remaining on his suspension from his March 8th slash of Rangers' Ryan Hollweg.

This is a crucial move that absolutely needed to happen for the Islanders. Chris Simon was a big piece of the team all last season, and his absence showed during the playoff run. It's about time we move on and understand that his slash on Hollweg was nothing more than a terrible, but momentary, lapse of judgement. He is a force on the locker room and on the ice, and he will definitely be a huge boost to the Isles next season.

7/20/07 - Alexei Yashin Signs with Lokomotiv Yaroslavl

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According to their official website, former Islanders captain Alexei Yashin has signed a contract with Lokomotiv Yaroslavl of the Russian Super League. The terms are unspecified.

Alexei played for Lokomotiv during the 2005 NHL lockout, and will be joining 2006-07 Islanders teammate Randy Robitaille.

I hope for only the best for Alexei. It was clearly not working on Long Island, and that's all there is to it. He has been a class act through the entire buy-out proceedings, and I really hope he can return to his old form playing in Russia.

7/18/07 - 10,000 Visits & A New Look

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Sometime yesterday afternoon, as I returned to work muttering and grumbling about the last development in the Nassau Hub transit dilemma, Islanders Castaway received its 10,000th page visit since late March. I can't express enough thanks to the loyal readers out there who have made this blog such a success.

To celebrate this milestone, I have revamped much of the site's look and feel, changing several fonts and moving some pieces around. I also revisited the primary logo, using a few familiar pieces from Islanders logos past. I hope you enjoy the new look, and I would love to hear any feedback you have!

Also, be on the lookout for an special Islanders Castaway giveaway/contest sometime soon. I am working out the details now, and hope to have the fun going by next week! Any ideas/recommendations would be appreciated!

To everyone out there reading, thank you!

7/17/07 - Attendance Woes, Part II

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In what I can only describe as rampant idiocy, the top three solutions to the Nassau Coliseum's transit problem were thrown out yesterday, according to Newsday.

The linked article details that the propositions for a LIRR station, a trolly service, and a monorail to the Coliseum have been scrapped. The remaining ideas for rapid transit service to the new NVMC site are: light rail transit, rapid bus transit, or an "automated guideway transit system", which is apparently a monorail on wheels.

7/16/07 - Campoli Contract Complete

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And just like that, there is some news.

Despite some unfounded rumors that the Islanders were in the midst of sending him off in a trade, the Islanders today signed 23 year-old defender Chris Campoli to a 3-year contract. The exact value of the contract is currently undisclosed. This comes at a time when the Islanders are severely lacking on the blue line, and can only provide some much needed depth to the system.

Personally, I love the move. Campoli has found his way under a lot of peoples' skin lately, but I believe that he is the future of the Islanders defense. At the very least, he is expected to become a powerplay specialist, and with the right leadership from veteran defenders, could really become an all-star player in the future.

It is also telling of the Islanders future as a whole. The team is committed to building from the ground up, using veteran leadership to enhance the development of the younger players.
A great move, in my opinion.

When in Tampa …

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