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Blog: Q & A With Islanders GM Garth Snow

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On May 18th 2015, New York Islanders general manager Garth Snow sat down with the members of the Islanders Booster Club for a little Q & A session. The mood was light, the atmosphere was calm, and it felt like a family reunion with no yelling, screaming, or anything else that would ruin the occasion. Despite the early first round exit, the Islanders did record their first +100 point season in 30 years, so there wasn’t much to nit pick about. I’m not going to run down the whole meeting because you should be a member of the booster club to get the full experience, but I will give Islanders fans a small glimpse as to what Snow has planned for this offseason. Fair warning, it may not be much.

Just a few ice chips:

Matt Donovan is now an unrestricted free agent and will be looking to play for another team

Blog: Coming Of Age For Calvin de Haan

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During the New York Islanders rebuild if there was one player on defense where fans would scratch their heads and say “why him?” it’s defenseman Calvin de Haan. It was bad enough for fans at the 2008 draft where Islanders General Manager Garth Snow traded down several picks and selected Josh Bailey when winger Nikita Filatov was clearly available, but he made another bizarre move in 2009 by trading up for Calvin de Haan when they had a point-blank shot at Nick Leddy. Only the Detroit Red Wings had de Haan on their radar because the hope was he’d fall into their laps at number 30. If Detroit wanted him, that’s usually a big thing.

Hockey from the Blind Side, Final Reactions to a Positive Season for the New York Islanders

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The “debate” among the fan base of the New York Islanders over how one should “view” this season has been an ongoing one since the Isles are eliminated from the playoffs in game 7 against the Washington Capitals. Basically, the two opposing views over whether this season should be called “successful” or not has been the real center of the debate. Was a first round exit a “successful” season for the Islanders, despite a 101 point season, or was it realistically a “failure” because they didn’t progress any further than the 2013 season?

I am, without a doubt, still disappointed. I really believed the Islanders were going to win that game and I still think they should have won the series. Realistically, if they held leads, it would have been over in 4 or 5 games. I think the Isles were the better team throughout the majority of the series and had the Caps off balance many times.

Final Thoughts of the 2014-15 Isles and Moving On

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I’m very late so I will make this this brief and try not to beat a horse that has been dead for a while now. Here are just a few final thoughts about the 2014-15 New York Islanders season and moving forward in the offseason.

The overall season: The Islanders finished the regular season with 101 points. I barely recall the last time that happened. I loved the amount of depth that the team had and I was one of those that believed the Isles could make a run to the Conference Finals this year just for that reason alone. Players like the “Kid Line” (Strome, Nelson, Lee) matured in front of our eyes and we had a goalie that helped take the Islanders to one of the top teams in the east. The Coliseum was rocking every night and, despite a few injuries, you could not have asked for a better send off to the old barn.

Season Review from a Fans Point a View

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After the lost in game 7, Islanders fans have a little to celebrate and a little to be sad about.

For me one thing I could celebrate is that even though we might have lost in the first round of the playoffs, I personally thought that the team proved to every NHL hockey team that they aren’t just the Islanders, who are from Long Island and aren’t a team that should be respected because of the players they have, well the Islanders have proved the haters wrong all season long.

With having a rookie like Anders Lee on the team during the year, he helped the team in front of the net with blocking the other teams goalie so his teammates could score is a great example how the fans should celebrate the season.

Another reason why we should be celebrating this year as Islanders fans is because Garth Snow did something amazing. He signed Nick Leddy and Johnny Boychuk for seven more years.

Talk From The 300 Section – Sadness

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The picture says it all...

The picture says it all…

Sad day… We lost a friend, Islander nation.  I will let my words do the talking today.

Be proud!  It was a great year, and hopefully better days are ahead.  I learned from my mother to stay positive about these things.  After all, she was a Brooklyn Dodger fan growing up.

Hold your heads up high.

Talk From The 300 Section – THIS IS IT!

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Hockey from the Blind Side, It’s Time to Silence the Doubters

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The New York Islanders have now tied their best of 7 game series with the Washington Capitals and have forced a game 7 in Washington on Monday evening. This, I firmly believe, is a shocker to some of the hockey media and so called “experts”. I have read in so many places and have heard the opinions of so many people who believed the “upstart” Islanders were going to be put down rather quickly by the bigger and badder, Capitals.

From The 300 Section – Down But NOT OUT Yet!

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It is not over…. Nothing is over, until 4 games are won by the opposition.  And folks, that has NOT happened yet.

Like Tug McGraw used to say…. YA GOTTA BELIEVE!
If this does not inspire you – what will…


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Just got word from the Islanders Customer Service department, that my wife will have NO ISSUES bringing the cow bell to the game on Saturday.  We were told that if there were issues, that we contact people that know about it – and all is OK.

When asked about it – my wife simply responded.




From The 300 Section – CowBell Gate Epilogue

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An era is over... No more cowbell

An era is over… No more cowbell


From The 300 Section – Broken Sticks and No Cowbells

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Needless to say, I am a little peeved today.

I think the league should return the wood sticks back.  Not only are these composite sticks costing teams nearly 1 million dollars a season, but they break at the most inopportune moments (ask JT about that).

The Islanders Are All About Family

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The title above is very true and absolute. When it comes to the New York Islanders fans and it’s players, hockey games at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum mean only one word, family. When you’re with family, the heart grows a little bigger. There was an unfortunate incident involving some Washington Capitals fans after game 3 and it’s a really bad reflection on the Isles fan base as a whole. I would like to write a different side of the Islanders fan base to give the rest of the NHL fans a more realistic image of them (myself included).

Talk From The 300 Section – WOW!

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Well – I wonder how #8 feels today?

Did he hear the crowd?  I hope he did!

Here is what I had to say about it.  I also talked about some of the other series, including the game tonight in Pittsburgh.

Have a great day, Islander nation!  Get ready for tomorrow.

Talk From the 300 Section – An Almost Complete Effort

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As Mike Bossy so eloquently put it last night.

One down, 15 to go….  A great effort by the Isles last night.  They accomplished what the needed already – get to even when they are home on Sunday.

2015 Western Conference Predictions

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Continuing on with the 2015 Stanley Cup first round predictions, it’s time for the Western Conference. Again I have my picks all set, but I’m just going to do the first round. Here we go!

Anaheim Ducks & Winnipeg Jets

Winner: Anaheim

Anaheim has everything going for them and they should take this series. As a hockey fan, to see the fans in Winnipeg participate in the playoffs once again will be a treat. Anaheim may just be too much for the NHL Jets.

St. Louis Blues & Minnesota Wild

Winner: St. Louis

I’m going against the grain here and my theory is that all hot streaks must come to an end and so will Minnesota’s run. Other than that, brace yourselves for one heck of a series.

Nashville Predators & Chicago Blackhawks

Winner: Chicago

2015 Eastern Conference Predictions

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It’s that time of year once again where everyone gets to prepare and write up their playoff predictions. Last year I went perfect in the Eastern Conference and bombed in the West (Thanks San Jose!). Yes, that meant I did have the Rangers going to the Cup, but not this year. I already have my picks set in, but I’m just doing the first round of each Conference. Each winner is based of the question: Who would win a full 7 game series? So without further stalling, here’s the Eastern Conference:

Detroit Red Wings & Tampa Bay Lightning

Winner: Tampa Bay

Tampa has enough tools, and depth and most importantly, a healthy starting goaltender. Unless Jimmy Howard wants to win the Conn Smythe trophy and upset the Lightning, it’s Tampa in the next round.

Ottawa Senators & Montreal Canadiens

Winner: Montreal

Hockey from the Blind Side, Isles Blow Their Chance for Home Ice Advantage in the 1st Round and Close Out the Final Regular Season at the Old Barn on a Disappointing Note

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Here is my latest audio podcast. In this recording, I talk about last night’s final regular season home game at the “Old Barn” and my thoughts about the playoffs.

Talk From the 300 Section – Looks Like We Made It!

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It is happening…

For those of you my age or older, you know the song that I used in the title.  Barry Manilow, in the 70s wrote a song called “Looks LIke We Made It”.


Blog: Islanders Will Turn Things Around

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Many or all of the Islanders fans out there are pissed off with last night’s performance. If this is still the case, then allow me to be the calming influence. Even after last night’s game, I’m still confident that the Isles can pull through this. If you’re one of those fans that has season tickets and see no hope in sight, I would truly be indebted to you if you could use Ticketmaster exchange and give them to me when the Islanders do in fact make it. It’s not just about last night, it’s about going 3-7-2 in their last 12 games and at a time when the Islanders were fighting for the division and one of the top teams in the NHL, they simply tired out, collapsed and slumped. Islanders fans are no longer looking for answers. They want to shoot first and ask questions later, or they may not even care anymore and whisk the Islanders away to Brooklyn and be done with them.

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