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It's..... The 1994 NHLPA 4 on 4 Challenge!!!

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Hi, everyone!!!! I'm back. How's summer? I know it's hard suffering from what us hard-cores call "Hockey Withdrawl", but there are some things that can help stave off the evils of a hockeyless period of the year. You can always watch NHL Network, (if you don't have it, order it), You can try to play as much as possible, ( get in a dekhockey league like I did if you can't roller-blade), and you can always scower YouTube for the best hockey clips, current and classic on the web, and so I figured I'd help with that withdrawl and share with you some awesome YouTubeness. Today's episode features some clips from the 1994 NHLPA 4 on 4 Challenge. As you may recall, the Players went on strike for half of the 1994-95, forcing the season to be cut roughly in half to 48 games. But during the time-off, the players wanted to stay fresh, being that at the time, it wasn't clear when the season would start again.

NY Post Hits NHL TV Nail On Head, Resurrects ESPN Rumors From Dead

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And now, the best article you will read this month, or possibly this year, regarding the NHL's laughable TV situation in the states, and how it badly needs ESPN as a cable partner.

Larry Brooks always writes good stuff, and he is never one to shy away from bringing hockey malarkey and injustices to the forefront (ie: he lobbied for the Isles to be considered when the whole Yankee Stadium-Winter Classic stuff came up)

THC Blurb Of The Week

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15 Years Ago: Gretzky Scores 802

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15 years ago yesterday, Wayne Gretzky scored his 802nd career goal at the LA Forum against the Vancouverr Canucks. Here's the video, courtesy of user savoytruffle, whose entire channel is filled with 1990s Canucks vids. This version is the version from "Fire On Ice" on ESPN2, when it had hockey, and was "the deuce", by far the best version, featuring Bill Clement, and of course, Gary Thorne's amazing call.

Glow Pucks, Fox Trax and Robots. The American Hockey Fan's Fascination with NHL on FOX Part 1

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It lasted for only 4 years, but the marriage between the NHL and FOX television seemed to have a lasting impact on hockey fans in America, forever changing the perception of the game and how to cover it. There is one main, overlying reason why the NHL on FOX was so popular during its time, and is still to this day cherished by fans: to put it simply, IT WORKED.

THC Calls BS on Isles' New Promotion

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This isn't much of a post, but here's a logo I made in wake of Lighthouse White Out Night tommorrow night at the Coliseum, which I will be attending.

Kelly Hrudey Makes Al Arbour Cry (In a Good Way)

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I know, I know, I'm putting off my Voices review. C'mon I'm off from school, give me a break, I'm just chillin'. I did however find this pair of very nice videos on YouTube from user sabcanada, who it turns out is an Islanders fan living in Canada. (What are the chances?) Anyway, he's also the one who posted the 1993 vids I showed you a while back. Some of his latest vids, shown here, are from HockeyNight In Canada the night Al Arbour came back to coach his 1,500th game and earn his 740th win. I was at that game, but I never saw any of the CBC stuff. It is one of my favorite Islander memories, and I am priveledged to have been there. I also worked doing the giveaways prior to gametime. I gave a whole box of stuff to one of Arobur's nieces from Alberta.


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Footage will be from Isles-Rags a few weeks ago..... Covering everything from Matteau to Shawn Bates PS and in-between and beyond!!!!! Preview it here!!!!

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Remember That Time The Winnipeg Jets Visited Finland?

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Really really interesting YouTube vid I've been meaning to post. (it's another from JHendrix70). It's an episode of a show called "Jets This Week" a pretty unique show for a hockey magazine show circa 1995. In this episode Kris King hosts (that's former NHLer Kris King, not Chris King), and some special guest hosts/players take you through the Jets trip to Finland in September 1994 for the short-lived NHL-International Challenge. Sellanne makes his first on-ice appearence in his native country since he had left for the NHL in 1992, (and proceeded to destroy Bossy's rookie scoring record). This tourney was an interesting idea, pitting 1 NHL team against a number of teams from another leage, kind of like what they do with barnstorming in soccer(not that anyone cares). It's broken into three videos. I hope you enjoy this blast from the past!

A Memo To Fans Regarding Mike Milbury

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This is a long one so bear with me.

Here's To You, Doug Gilmour

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There were few who were smaller,
few who faced more adversity,
few who people said no chance

there were many with more ability
more skill
more finess
more talent

but there were few who were more fearce,
more determined,
more possesed,
more gutsy, and gritty,

few who were more dedicated
to their team
to their family
to their community
to their city

and of course, there were very few who had more heart, and more soul

From every hockey fan who had the pleasure of watching you,
and for every blue blooded Torontonian who you bought so many great memories to, a very sincere, and dear thank you.

There were few who were as great as you, but in the history of Toronto Maple Leafs hockey, there were none better. NONE. that number 93.
It will never be worn again

Congrats, Dougie

and thank you.

NHL Not Returning To ESPN Anytime Soon

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I participated in a live chat with Neil Best today,( you can catch the whole thing on his blog), and I asked him if the NHL had any chance of returning to ESPN anytime soon, and he said that "The president of Versus has no interest in [dropping exclusivity], and wants to continue to have [the league] locked up for the next two years." I also asked him what he thought of Versus' coverage of the All-Star Game, but he said he didn't catch it. Maybe I'll have better news next post, we'll see.......

It's My Birthday! This date in Hockey History- 1991

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I'm no longer minor, yes! All- Star Game tonight on Versus, who did a decent job covering the Skills Comp last night. Pre-Game on NHL Network at 4:30.

Okay, here's what happened in the word of hockey on the day I was born, 18 years ago today.

1. Islanders lose to Winnipeg Jets, 8-1.

It was bad then, too. Game was in Winnipeg. Does anyone know who scored the Isles' goal that night? (Let me know in comments!)

2. Brett Hull Becomes 5th player in NHL History to score 50 goals in 50 games

I'm Back! Did I Miss Anything?........

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Well, truth be told, I never really left, I just extended my X-Mas vacation by a couple of weeks. At first I felt uninspired to blog with all the things going on in my life, and the fact that the Isles are really stinking it up, and then I just felt overwhelmed. First I have to give serious props to Chris Botta and his Point Blank blog for thoroughly covering the whole KC and Saskatoon incidents, and also for giving Islander fans piece of mind and trying to erase their fears of losing their franchise. A truly phoenomoinal job, and very well done. (Also good job on WFAN and MSG Plus, CB) I figure at this point there is very little that hasn't been said about the whole Lighthouse thing by now, but I guess I should say something, because I am an Islanders fan, and they need all the support they can get. Okay here's my piece on this whole thing. Have faith. In particular, have faith in Charles Wang.

Your X-Mas Vacation NHL Network ViewPix

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I know I said I was taking a vacation from blogging, and I'm still trying to, but I've been perusing the NHL Network schedule for days and I thought I should let you all know about some pretty good finds coming up soon, to give your hockey fix over the X-Mas break.

12/22 8PM Classic Series: 1998 Eastern Conf. Finals Sabers vs. Capitals

Ah, those '98 Caps. A truly classic series between 2 unlikely Eastern Champs over back-to-back years. Hasek and Kolzig, and Caps wearin' purple. Also includes highlights from ESPN AND FOX! (CBC as well)

12/23 8PM Classic Series: 1998 Stanley Cup Finals Red Wings vs. Capitals

THC One Timers 12/14

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Well, here's my last post before I take my X-mas vacation from blogging (we'll see how long that lasts) I also think I'm gonna take a break from the Isles for a while. I don't know how I can keep watching them lose, after last night(3-1 to CBJ, jeez) without going insane! So here's the THC One-Timers for today.

1. Gordon will stay

Media Dude Gets Shot At The Pros

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Awesome story from The Hockey I guess you should never give up on your dream.
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