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No worries Jason.  I look

No worries Jason.  I look forward to seeing more of your writing. 

One funny thing about my family and yours, when I was younger your family was a customer of ours.  We do home heating in the Huntington LI area.  I remember being in your basement and my father telling me about your father, and seeing a bunch of sticks against the wall and asking my father if he would ask your dad for one.   My father was too shy though so it never happened but I can still remember that day. 

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Huh, yeah, I guess this

Huh, yeah, I guess this really proves how new I am to the blogging world.  Did I just post absolutely nothing?  That oughtta attract readers. 

Well, hopefully I'll get this figured out.  I'm just glad to find more sites that support the Isles.  For those of you who have some interest in reading my writing, you can find some on my blog at www.jtbourne.wordpress.com, or check it my first blog for The Hockey News at www.thehockeynews.com.

As for this site, I apologize for my initial blank entry.  I'll strive for better in my next.  Hope everyone out there in Isles nation can keep their chins up, the single, modest positive I can say about the team this year is there's some good people, and some young talent.  Hope springs eternal.