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Hello Hockey Fans. My name is Stephen Herrmann I am the owner and founder of IslesNation.Com, as well as the co-host of the IslesNation.Com talk show. I'm a busy guy as you can see. To start off, I've been a hockey fan since I was 5. I wasn't too crazy about it till I turned 7-8 years old. My brother Bryan got me into the sport. I still remember the first Islander game he made me watch. I remember watching guys like Berard and Bertuzzi in Islander uniforms. I grew up in Commack, Long Island. It's where I've lived most of my life and still live today. I love it here. I attend Commack High School and I also attend Flight School after school everyday. I also play Hockey. I'm a goaltender. So I do allot as you can see. Me and my friend Pete thought of an idea of making one of my old websites and turning it into a Islander website. So knowing me I thought of all these ideas that he thought were crazy at the time that have turned into reality.