NY Islanders vs Pittsburgh Penguins 12/12/2008

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Noun 1.

drubbing - a sound defeat

thrashing, trouncing, walloping, whipping, slaughter, debacle
defeat, licking

- an unsuccessful ending to a struggle or contest; "it was a narrow defeat"; "the army's only defeat"; "they suffered a convincing licking"

Pittsburgh 9 Islanders 2

Hope, it is the gift that keeps on giving.  Right now, there is little hope that the Islanders can shake their fate for this season.  They were predicted to be last, and are doing their best, albeit in spurts, to get there. two penguins hat tricks embarrassed the Islanders tonight, along with the 9 goals.  I was hoping for 10 myself, but the Penguins had pity on them in the third period (but not enough pity to stop Pascal Dupuis from getting his third and celebrating like a little girl).