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Easy there Jemine.... When you spread nonsense and blatant lies about a woman who is pretty darned awesome then I can only hold my tongue for so long (which I might add has been a few years now).

New Goal song - Life is Live by Opus (Austria)

Eastern Conference Preseason Preview Plus

Eastern Conference Preseason Preview +

As our New York Islanders enter the 10-11 season, there’s no doubt they are currently one of those teams in the NHL that the media of the hockey world simply continues to have little interest in. Surely the presence of a one Mr. Tavares puts us in a certain spotlight that we haven’t had in recent memory, but what will happen if he doesn't start off this season something like Steven Stamkos did for the Tampa Bay Lightning last year? Expecting him to do so may be little more than wishful thinking on our behalves, even though the possibility is still there. Speaking of expectations, our team is promptly experiencing preseason placement in the lower 10th of the overall standings with nary a publication expecting more than a spot amongst the league’s worst eight teams.

NYI STAT PREDICTIONS Coming Soon, but...

Here's just a quick look at last years' predictions.

Do enjoy!

NYI: 34-40-8 for 76 points
NYI: 34-37-11 for 79 points

Dwayne Roloson
17-22-4 in 46 games, 2.90 GAA, .912 SV%
23-18-7 in 50 games, 3.00 GAA, .907 SV%

Martin Biron:
12-16-2 in 32 games, 2.74 GAA, .916 SV%
9-14-4 in 29 games, 3.27 GAA, .896 SV%

Rick Dipietro:
5-2-2 in 9 games, 2.38 GAA, .918 SV%
2-5-0 in 8 games, 2.60 GAA, .900 SV%

Mark Streit
12-49-61 in 75 games
11-38-49 in 82 games

Bruno Gervais
6-20-26 in 78 games
3-14-17 in 71 games

Jack Hillen
4-17-21 in 62 games
3-18-21 in 69 games

Ken Sutton

Islanders Stat Predictions 2010/11

The 2010/11 NHL season is upon us.

Seing as how the 2010/11 season is upon us, it's time to start rolling out the predictions for our Islanders in the upcoming season.

I'll let it be no secret that I'm looking at this season enthusiastically. Year three of Snow's rebuild/youth movement/stalling-to-take-off-the-pressure-for-not-signing-legitimate-additions/whathaveyou is looking cautiously calculated, but most certainly allows for one to believe that the team can take yet another step after an 18 point improvement between the 2008/09 and 2009/10 seasons.

Conventional Wisdom - Or Juggling with Dreams?

Everyone's excited - of that there is no doubt!

The blogosphere is booming and chatrooms are going non-stop. It's draft time and it's absolutely amazing the energy and excitement that is generated at this time of year. It represents acquisition, promise, new blood - in essence, hope.

And with pick number five in this year's draft in Los Angeles, Islanderville is very much involved in this high-octane tour. With the past two first rounds not lacking in drama, the most difficult thing going into this draft as a fan is predicting just what the Islanders are going to do. Trade down? Trade up? A bit of both? Or take the most logical pick at five and let the rest fall into place? That would be conventional wisdom, but as we all know, this modus operandi hasn't led to the acquisition of two of the past three first rounders.

To Trade or Not To Trade?

As an oh-so-exciting Olympics lingers on, Islander GM Garth Snow has much to ponder about with respect to his team's last 20 games.

The biggest question he must answer for himself is: Does this team still have a shot at making the playoffs?

Certainly, every franchise within shooting distance must in some way show its fanbase that the team intends to win and believes it can. Mathematically, the Isles could run off a good 12 wins to finish this beast off and slip into the playoffs, granted certain other teams don't do the same thing at the same time.

Then again, if that happens, what chance would this team really have once in the playoffs? Would it even be a contest if our beloved Islanders were to enter the 7-game dance with a New Jersey, Pittburgh, Philadelphia, or Washington?

Halfway Mark Review - Preview

Halfway Mark

Heading into this season, even the most diehard of Islander fans were well aware that this team was an unlikely playoff contender, much less a Stanley Cup contender.

Nonetheless, simply the additions of John Tavares and no less than two bonafide NHL goaltenders in Roloson and Biron could attest to this team likely becoming a more difficult team to beat, especially considering the number of U26 players on this team looking to up the ante to their games in a bid to establish themselves as effective and regular NHLers.

Stolen from Forever 1940

The Islanders tied an NHL record by playing in their seventh October overtime game.  It didn't last long, as Mark Streit converted a pass from John Tavares 53 seconds into the extra session to give the Isles a 4-3 overtime win in Washington.  On to the trick:


From The Captain

Well, with the score 2-1 in the third - Bruce wants to bet me on when the Isles would blow the game. He said in regulation - I said in OT - How I wish I was wrong. But these guys can't close the deal.

Also, not impressed with Tavares, Okposo, Moulson tonight. Just tonight. Ovechkin was not much of a factor tonight - but that Mike Green :(

50-50 raffle = a paltry 1477 bucks (for a weekend)

Also, the State Farm Agent of the game was Anthony Petrozella of Queens.

They also played " No Sleep till Brooklyn" right after that Agent of the game announcement - is Wang trying to tell us something?

Lastly, Kristen McElroy (who is challenging Kate Murray) was in the house - and the team posted her on the jumbotron twice and invited fans to see her at Gate 12. Guess Wang and Murray's chat did not go so well :)

Oh well,

Stolen from Forever1940

On Wednesday night, the Isles will look to avoid tying the club record for consecutive games without a win to start a season -- the record is seven, and is held by the 1973-74 squad (0-3-4).
On Thursday, the Isles will begin something almost as rare, when they make the first of two visits to Montreal in a five day period.  It's only the 8th time in club history that the Isles will play consecutive road games against the same opponent. 
It's the third time in club history that the Isles will sandwich a home game with road games against the same opponent.
The list:
12/31/86-1/9/87 @ NYR  (the Isles played two home games in between)
2/8/96-2/22/96 @ NYR (the Isles played four home games in between)
10/17/01-10/26/01 @ Carolina  (two home games in between)
3/19/02-3/28/02 @ Toronto (four home

Quick Coliseum Report

50 - 50 Raffle was 1,570 bucks. NO STATE FARM AGENT OF THE GAME !!!

For those who were there - doesn't it seem like the "Game Operations" team has taken a big cut ? Very little in terms of seeing the Ice Girls, or other in game promos this time around.

Perhaps they had "Mascot Day' or - was it "Kids' opening day?"

I mention this - because I hear of major turnover in staff in the sales side? Comments?

They listed 12.500 or so as announced crowd - I say 8500 - lots of empty seats as folks had to work.


Go Isles

Quick Look at Bridgeport

Last season's Bridgeport Soundtigers experienced their best season ever. Still, despite 49 regular season wins and 106 points, the team's season fizzled to a halt in a 5 game first round dismissal. As disappointing as that was, it certainly is understandable in light of a differing line-up and a bunch of younger players experience their first AHL playoff hockey, if not simply their first AHL hockey.

Curiosities Entering the Season

With the league and Islander stats predictions in and the home opener not even 36 hours away, one can’t help but have a few other questions about the upcoming season, for example:

- What role will the injury bug play this year? Arguably, few other teams have been hit as hard the past two seasons as our beloved Islanders have been. Will things change? Well, if the preseason is any indication…
- For a team putting heavy emphasis on younger players, we have a blueline that is long in the tooth and perhaps short on talent. As the lone draftee playing amongst the top 7, will Gervais continue to build on the steps he took during the second half of the 08-09 season?

More stuff stolen from Forever1940

With Trent Hunter on the Injured list, the Isles will start the season without the team's active leader in games played, goals, power play goals, game winning goals, assists and points as an Islander.
So who holds those distinctions now (only in games played as an Islander)?
( now has a new stats engine that allows you to answer such pressing questions.)
Games:  Martinek 373, Park 235  (Trottier 1,123 is all-time club leader)
Goals:   Park 36, Bergenheim 30   (Bossy 573)
PP goals: Okposo 10, Streit 10     (Bossy 181)
GW goals: Bergenheim 7, Park 5   (Bossy 82)
Assists: Martinek 68, Park 53       (Trottier 853)
Points:  Park 89, Martinek 84       (Trottier 1,353)
Hunter is 87-110-197 in 381 games as an Isle with 21 pp goals and 15 gw goals.


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