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Not that it's anything new- or that I update this much- but, I'm taking a break from the blog thing. The Isles season is over, the playoffs are well into, classes are almost over, summer is about to start, the beach is beconing, and in less than four months I'm shipping up and moving Buff-a-low.

Have a good summer.

Royal Stanley Rumble. Playoff Mascot Battle. ROUND ONE.

Put down that razor, let your beards grow long and proud dudes, and smell the springy hockey air!

Yes- the 2009 NHL playoffs are amongst us. This is the time of gritty, wild, amazing hockey. This is the time teams become families, players become legends, and facial hair becomes a fashion statement. Excitement to become the best, the champions, to hoist the most famous trophy in all of sports. Sigh...

And to get into the excitement (since the Isles are, well, out of it) I think it's only suitable to play on some predictions based on much thought, analysis, and tough research. Uh huh, here's my useless round one set of predictions based on WHICH MASCOT WOULD WIN IN A FIGHT.

Round One:


#1 Boston Bruins vs. #8 Montreal Canadiens


Gordon bleeds the Red White and Blue

Congrats to Coach Scott Gordon for being named as the USA Olympic team assistant coach for the upcoming 2009 U.S. Men's National Team, which will compete in the 2009 International Ice Hockey Federation World Championship, April 24-May 10, in Berne and Zurich-Kloten, Switzerland.. {}

You go Coach! Do it!

Hurricane Staal. Isles lose... badly.

Game 79- Isles @ Canes
{ recap}

Dear New York Islanders,
Hey what's up? How's it going? Boy oh boy, where has this season gone?
Yeah- things are good with me. I'm currently on Spring break so I'm enjoying some r&r.

Well, um this might sound a bit weird and all, yeah, but I'm sending you guys a line because I just wanted to remind you dudes that no- the season isn't over yet. Whoops! So yea, there was a game tonight. Embarrassing!

Dead last Isles shut out the Red Machine... sweet.

Stellar performance by JoeyMac'Mazing (and his trusty goal post) in tonight's shut out win vs. the Detroit Red Wings.

Even in dead last, with nothing to gain besides experience and pride, these sorts of games are some of the best eh?

KO and Bailey, like us regular kids but wicked at hockey.

Did you know that besides being crazy skilled & talented professional hockey players on the New York Islanders, Kyle Okposo and Josh Bailey are just like us regular young 20 year olds? Yeah! Who'da thunk it! Hahaha.

Josh is my age, at 19, and Kyle is 20. Together they are a couple players on the Isles that are the future. Sharing the bond of growing up as kids in the 90's with the Goosebumps book series, Power Rangers, razor scooters, pogs, and so on, KO and Bailey really have showed much chemistry together both on and off the ice.

Recently I came across this video of the dynamic youth duo just chillin' out, gaming and playing some NHL '09 XBox. The two face off in an extreme USA vs. Canada match up that ends up with quite a reaction from both guys. And Tamby's story about KO's gaming is hilarious. Too funny. Check it out:

Second Period Free For All, Isles Lose.

Game 72: Isles @ Sens. Holy Crap, 72 games? Only 10 games left? Where the heck did the season go?
{ recap}

Tonight, the Islanders trekked up to Ottawa to take on the Senators to round out their long road trip. After a so hum first period, it was SensCity for the second, and the third was whatever. In tonight's game it was clearly obvious that the Islanders played last night. Tired team.

It was the last meeting between the two teams this season, but their first meeting since the trade of Comrie and Campoli for McAwesome and a draft pick. Unforch, Mike Comrie was out with the flu, but don't worry, Jason Spezza did a toe drag during the game so it was like Mike was right there with them. Yes, it was odd seeing Chris Campoli in a different jersey, playing for a different team, and shooting against us, but all in all that's just apart of the game, right?

Weekendish Update

So this girl actually is spending the night watching an entire Islander game. Here's some catch up before puck drop in Ottawa:

Isles vs. Canes. 5-4 loss. Whatevs.
After a long week of school and work and couple days of an Isles layoff, the guys lost to the Carolina Hurricanes 5-4 last night. Did I witness the closeness? No. I was babysitting and instead of watching hockey, I was lucky enough to watch a Pokemon movie... sarcasm. So: rather than watching KO the boy wonder, I was stuck watching his cartoon counterpart, Pikachu. Think about it, they are both young, energetic fixtures in their own teams dynamics. Electricity, spunk, etc. Was I bored beyond belief? Mm yes.

Finally it's Friday, Isles Game Night

After what feels like 1873 days since the last Isles game, the Islanders face off against the Carolina Hurricanes tonight in Raleigh.

Finally. I've begun missing the up close camera angles of Scott Gordon's grimace.

Go Isles!

Would you rather fight a bear or Chara? Isles lose.

Game 69:Isles at Bruins {recap}
Today, the Isles took on the Bruins in Boston for a 1pm game. After a slow start and after being dug into a 2-0 hole, the Isles tried to claw their ways out but in the end one goal just wasn't enough to pull past the Eastern leaders.

Plus, the good thing is that the Isles weren't mauled by bears.

Meet Me at the Lighthouse song and dance (and lyrics)!

As if you didn't know: There's been a lot of Lighthouse talk as of late.
Wang wants this, TOH says that, arguments here, confrontation there, and generally no movement either way with the project. Now, it has been reported that the team might move if the Lighthouse project does not get approved. Yikes.

Kansas City is a'callin and fans are in an uproar.

Wayne Gretzky: I love you.

In honor of the great one gracing the Coliseum with his presence tomorrow afternoon, I present to you one of my favorite random songs (and my current facebook status).

go isles.

Crazed hockey love; Stanley Cup Wedding Cake

So like any other self respecting, responsible college student, I'm sitting wide awake at 1:30am Friday morning watching the Food Network, The Ace of Cakes show to be exact. Ace of Cakes is a really cool show where a bakery, Charm City Cakes of Baltimore, makes crazy elaborate cakes.

I mean, I have a good reason to be awake at such an odd time, I don't have Friday classes, work though, and thankfully I have a large Red Bull waiting for me in the am. Plus, this rerun caught my attention.

Dust In the Wind, You're my boy, Bill!

So I let you all cool down after all of that totally exciting and highly life changing trade deadline yesterday... not!

Joys Of Joensuu, Isles Win.

Game 63: Isles host Avs

{ recap}
Snow day x 4 day weekend + Isles victory = Awesome.

That's some goatee. Isles win.

Game 62: Isles host Buff-a-low
{ recap}

As the Sabres were down on the island for the day, I was up in Buffalo visiting my next college. Oddly enough (and sweet enough) the Sabres use the campus rink as a practice facility sometimes. Sick nasty. Great times in chilly Buffalo, much excite.

So, a great Islander victory tonight. Sean Bergenheim and Yann Danis were all magic with a great supporting cast in the 2-blank win against the Buffalo Sabres. Bergie scored both goals and Danis recorded his second straight shut out. Nice.

But there has been an even bigger question than what is up with the captaincy for the team and filing out a missing persons report for Bill Guerin. Yep, a stranger and spookier thing been festering on the island for a few days now.

¿Dónde está el capitán?

Code Red Alert: Have you seen this man?

Missing: Bill Guerin, Isles Captain
Last where abouts: NVMC pregame warm up. Did not show up for the 1st period.

Rumor: traded, or possible food poison from eating some bad Mexican food. Clueless.

The breakdown: Billy G is in his late 30s. The clock is ticking. This team isn't making the playoffs... He currently has a no move whozamabobit on his contract but if he lifts is, could one really blame him?

Post-Vacation Pick Up Post

Sorry for the lack of post-age. I was on vacation for the past week and a half. Yep, soaking up the sun, being a tourist, and getting in some R&R was a-mazing. And after having an amazing time cruising the western Caribbean, the reality shock of daily life (and the freezing weather) really bites hard.

Being stuck on a ship for a whole week without cell phone service and the whole nine yards is like being in your own bubble away from the real world. I really didn't focus too much attention on what I was missing out on, I was having way too much fun. But, when I did get the chance, Sports center was always on in our cabin.

Butch Goring, fan of dental hygiene.

This just blew my mind...

I picked up the book World's Strangest Hockey Stories at the library the other day. The pocket sized paper back is full of brief random and bizarre stories and happenings from the world of hockey. Dating from a time where the Stanley Cup was basically just a bowl to the then present day (published in '96) the book is fun for trivial nerds like myself.

So, one story that really struck me included one of my favorite (and most stylish) Isle personality, Butch Goring.

During his career, Butch Goring would pack light for road trips... he'd only bring a toothbrush and the clothes on his back.

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