11-11-08 Josh Bailey makes his NHL Debut

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1:30 pm

And here we go!! So this is it! The NHL debut of 2008 first round (controversial) draft pick Josh Bailey after he has been cleared to play since his unfortunate injury during an exhibition game, oh so long ago!

He should have a great game for sure. He's been looking forward to this for a very long time. Out today is Mike Comrie. (Is anyone surprised?)

The Veterans are here in force for their special day of appreciation. As I await the ceremonial puck drop by great American Colin Powell, I'd like to say "Hi" to James and his Dad. James is attending his FIRST Islanders game and already he's getting more attention than Rick DiPietro at rehab. But you have to admit... he's a cutie.

Once again, the Islanders organization is first class in how they are handling today and the ceremonial face off. The IceGirls look great in their various military themed outfits bringing out the big flag.

Now, let's see how many minutes of hockey the Islanders can play today. We already know that they do not play well during day games. Let's hope for James' sake, they break that tradition today.

The Islanders have 3 shots already with 17:03 on the clock, make that 4, and Doug just pointed out that the birds in the rafters are back as well as the fact that Sean is on the top line. Good for him. Maybe it's because I'm here? Maybe? he he he he....

BTW, during warm-ups, I noticed that Andy Sutton skates very gracefully for a giant. He really is amazing.

2:39 pm, with 4:10 left in the 1st and with Pock in the box we now have another play under review, even though the call on the ice was No Goal. And yes, it was NO GOAL, the net was off. Shots are now 12 to 9 in the Islanders favor. Funny, I was asked if Asham was on the ice yet, and I couldn't even tell you.

Hooking penalty on 22 with 3:27 left, and only 17 seconds left on Pock's penalty. Can we please end the period with a goal? Thank you.

The Islanders have a 5 on 3 PP and need to capitalize on it, but have not been able to. IF they don't, it will be a sad state of affairs here in Uniondale.

During intermission: Some new Air Force recruits were sworn in to rousing applause.

3:16 pm: Okay, 2nd period. I stayed away as long as I could hoping that Sean would score because I wasn't watching. No luck. But I did get to see fellow bloggers Mike Carey and Kelly Mac. That was fun. What would be more fun would be seeing the Islanders draw first blood.

And they were giving out Islander Army hats on the concourse today, but I didn't actually get one, but Doug insisted I take a photo in one. So here it is. Sorry Danno that I won't be bringing one home for you.

3:24 pm: and another 5 on 3 for 2 minutes, and the Islanders can't capitalize. And sadly, the Flyers do draw first blood. I must say, Garth doesn't look happy up in the owners box watching the game.

But there are bright spots. You just have to look really hard to find them.

With Bailey getting 7:30 of ice time in his debut so far, his face off percentage is 50%. Note bad.

I'm glad we are going into the third down one. That would mean that our karma is soon to be broken. I hope.

4:02 pm: 16:10 of the 3rd. And so far nothin's doing. Doug is yelling "lazy." and nothing is getting accomplished. SOG are now 30 to 20 and still only down by one. But we have to break the cycle. They WILL play better this third period. They will.

Josh is taking very, very short shifts. I'm imagining that's because this is his first game back.

We are questioning Joey's puck handling skills, but don't want him taking any lessons from DiPietro.

Yikes: at 9:09 left in the 3rd, whle the Islanders were on a Power Play, Mike Richards makes it 2 - 0. Yes, the karma is broken, but not in the direction it ws supposed to be.

The SOG aren't telling the story. I don't know why they can't solve Biron. It doesn't make sense. They've had some pretty good chances. Sean did his job for sure. But still, I think this will be one of those days where we leave here again on the losing side of the scoreboard.

Well, the boys are packing up with 7:22 left. Maybe they can pull a rabbit out of the hat, maybe not. We'll have to see.