11-15-08 Sens x 2

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4:44 of the 3rd left. Time for me to pack up or I'll be a mess in a few minutes. I've got the smell of Cinnanuts surounding me. Which was pleasant until I watched Josh Baliley just take a penalty for intereference. Fiddle faddle. Don't blow this lead boys.

Asking too much of Joey. So he gives one back by Heatly and Alfredson. (what a surprise eh?) But that's okay. Sens are a man down once again as Chris Kelly takes a penalty. Boy. The box is really busy tonight!

Guerin in the box for highsticking gives the Sens a power play. Although, for the last few minutes, they looked like they WERE on the power play.
Ken said it's very "garbagy." And now Sutton joines Billy in the box for slashing. and the Islanders have to kill off the 5 on 3. I hope Joey can do this.

I think I know who is probably biting his nails about now. That would be Rick DiPietro watching Joey MacDonald doing such an excellent job in net.... AGAIN.

16:01 : And Campoli gets us Chili!!!
Nice work by Sim and Martinek now that he's back.

No luck on that power play to start the third.

Hey! There's a really NICE restaurant now downstairs in the Coliseum called Bistro 1255. excellent menu with apps ranging from $9 - $14 and entrees from $17 - 28. Awesome wine list too starting at $21! They open at 5 pm. I will HAVE to check this place out!

Let's just call Tamby SnakeBitten. Such great chances, and nothing to show for it.

18:54 Ottawa takes another penalty. They will hit a clean sheet of ice on the Power Play again to start the third. Come on Guys! Loudville wants Chili!

7:12: Trent Hunter has been practicing shoot the puck behind him. He must have mirrors in his helmet. But Tamby didn't pick it up in time and score. The most they got out of it was a high sticking call on Heatly. (which probably made Big Angry Man happy as he doesn't like him much.)

So much for that power play, Sim takes a penalty for hooking. And Joey makes a great save that causes the crowd to chant his name.

11:27 of the second and Donavan takes a penalty for roughing as he pushed MacDonald around a little.

We didn't like that.

Guerin misplayed the puck while Bailey waited patiently in front of the net. Guerin then lost it. But they managed to get it back in the Senators zone and Sim and Nielson get the puck in the net past Auld to make it 2 - 0.

The crowd is now chanting "We want Chili." and "USA."

Let's keep up the good Karma!

Beginning of 2nd:

As Ken says:

"They're ALMOST good!" Nice chances by Bergie that he couldn't capitalize on and the SOG are now squared in the Sens favor. 8 - 16.

Come on guys. Make it count.

Okay, whoever is responsible for the music tonight, I want to thank them and condemn them. The songs are great, but he keeps cutting them off after a few seconds. This is making me nuts

15:58 and Sean makes it 1 - 0! THANK YOU SEAN!!!

End of First: And they head to the dressing rooms even at Zero. Time for the T-shirt toss.

7:35 pm: Update, Game? Oh, no score yet! But CHECK OUT DINA'S SHOES!!! She has the BEST Islanders Outfits on the planet!

And SOG are now Isles 4 Sens 11 and Joey is doing everything to keep them in this game.

Full evening so far. I stayed in the car to listen to Gary Bettman's interview with Don & EJ, uh... CB! Opps! Nice to hear the Commissioner is willing to offer any help he can in the effort to get the Lighthouse project going. Although, I can't imagine what he can possible do other than offer some moral support. This is a Town & County problem.

How did our first pre-game show go? It was good to see CJ Papa on camera at 6:35 tonight along with the Maven in the same spot that Deb Kauf, Opps! Placey used to occupy down at the glass.

I asked what the blue puzzle piece pins CJ and Stan were both wearing. It's for Autism Speaks which is the charity that Trent Hunter handed an $18,000 check for from tonight's receipts. Once again, the Islanders are giving back to the community big time.

Darryl Strawberry dropped the puck to loud chants of "Darrryyyyyllllll." Originally, Ken Dick and I thought someone was getting tossed out of Loudville, until we realized.

Joeys' been making some very good saves here in the beginning of the third as the Sens have gotten off 4 shots on him to the Islanders one.