11-17-08 Firefighter Appreciation night

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9:11 pm: Why do I think this game is giong to go into overtime? SOG now 28 - 25 Isles, 8:15 left and we're still tied at one. Loudville, although not as filled as it could be, is singing their hearts out.

Oops, I may have spoken too soon. Campy takes a penalty that he doesn't believe he should have received. He pleaded his case, but to no avail.

So Vacouver goes back on the power play with another chance to put this one away from us.

8:53 pm: Start of the third. So, during intermission they had that interactive texting thing on the jumbotron. Text to chose what song the Islanders come out to. Neat idea. Except once you do that, they reply with a little sales pitch for the next games. Actually, it's a very neat idea.

8:15 pm: Start of the second and it's getting a little tense on the ice. Lots of chances and nothing to show for it. Canucks have taken a few penalties for cross checking and hooking and there have been battles in the corners, but we can't get a goal to tie it up.
And there were collective groans as Guerin lost the puck in his skates when he had a perfect opportunity to score.

I think "Go Go Gordon's" 'overspeed' method has met it's match in Vancouver. They are outskating the Islanders in every direction.

I'm late back to my seat because I wanted to walk around with B.A.M. for a little and get a pretzel. (okay, I wanted him to PAY for a pretzel.) It took forever.

"Jesus, if we were in Boston I would have had two pretzels a Jack and Coke AND gone to the bathroom by the time it takes to get through ONE line here!" When you visit another arena, you realize how tough it is to navigate our concourse. I don't think we should travel any more.

Martinek sits and another penalty is killed off, which is great. But they can't seem to make anything work on the power play. Park made a good attempt at another short handed goal but was denied. It's not as if the Islanders aren't getting chances, they're just not going in.

And just as I said that, Doug Weight evens the score at 5:25 and one finally finds the back of the net behind Luongo.

That's a start!!

Kyle gets 2 for slashing, but I don't think anyone agrees with the call. His stick did get up in the face of Roberto, but he was diving to cover the puck. It really was his fault!

7:02 pm And we're off!

19:48 and the net is off and Hilbert did his best impression of a bowling ball. But at least it doesn't look like anyone was hurt.

So I sat in the car for a few minutes to hear Islanders Point Blank's Chris Botta on XM 204. I had heard Boomer announce that he would be on during his earlier stint on XM.I'm not even going to call a blogger, or a journalist. He's turned into Media 360, but as always, he's very entertaining on the radio.

Brentwood Fire Dept. brought their Tower Ladder and presented the colors on the ice tonight. Also on the ice, unfurling the flag were members of the Bravest Hockey team. Singing tonight's National anthem, Danny Rodriguez, the singing Policeman. And another big check handed over from the Islanders to the Stephen Siller foundation.

19:11 with only two SOGs, the puck gets right past Joey and in the net by Pavol Demitra. But that's okay, it's early. Can't lose faith so quickly, can we? No.

With Campoli in the box, I got a little scared for Joey when the puck bounced off #9 Piat and right back toward the crease. But no damage done and the penalty expired.

I'm in a very good mood tonight as finally Big Angry Man is here and sitting in the section in front of me along with my daughter and some of her friends. Of course, my daughter is ignorning me. At least my husband isn't.

Congrats to Andy Sutton on his 500th' NHL game. You don't look a day over 250.

Hey! Is that OUR Rob Davison? The guy who scored the bouncing goal from the oppostite goal line last season? Yep. Meet Tim Jackman. Now they both get five for fighting at 7:00. And as Ken said, "and he was such a NICE young man!."