11-17-08 Joey! Joe-y! Joe-y! 11:15 pm

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Can you believe it? What a finish! Please, dear friends, for all of you who criticized Garth Snow for giving Joey Mac a one way deal... I will gladly accept your apologies. Thank you.

"He showed everyone how good he is." So said Frans Nielsen, the man of the hour who won the shoot out that gave the Islanders their two points for the night.

"We had a very bad first period. But Joey played great." Yes he did.

It seems that everyone had the same exact thing to say about Roberto Luongo, "You don't see a lot of net." and "If he sees it, he's going to stop it." That's about it in a puck bag. (what the hell is a puck bag anyway? oh never mind.)
While Nielsen was addressing the media that had their recorders circled around his head, I watched him smile and recoil a little when he was being praised. "We've got a streak now." he smiled uncomfortably, "it's great when you're winning." His very long dark lashes framing hazel eyes. "We don't make as many simple mistakes as last year, and we try to have fun out there."

Well, Franz, winning is fun for everyone. Especially the fans that all went home extremely happy chatting about the Islanders goalie that faced Luongo the great and skated away with the win.

"You have to lift your game up against a guy like that. You've gotta bring your "A" game. That's why he gets paid the big bucks."

This is how a smiling Joey MacDonald saw the evening. "Everybody is buying in..." to Gordon's system. Yep, they certainly are. Gordon's got Guerin "directing traffic in the offensive zone" and Doug is cheering the team on telling them to "skate, skate, skate."

Yep, "It's great when you're winning."

Okay. I'm baking cookies for tomorrow's meeting. So that's all for now!