2 Games vs. 12 Weeks. 11-22-08

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Tonight I emailed someone who has a clue about these things asking what the reason for the league handing out only a two game suspension for last night's hit on Nielsen.

I received an emphatic response "No contact to the head"!!!

I sent a considerably unprofessional response: "WTF???"

It seems that the "neck" is not classified as the "head" area in the NHL. I guess Mottau didn't leap high enough to get his elbow up around Frans' ear. Maybe THEN he would have received that FIVE gamer which was supposed to be the "statement" from the NHL.

I shook my head in disbelief and mumbled, "Oh, Garth is going to be pissed." And that is one man I really don't like seeing pissed off. I knew things were not being deemed as "fair" when Billy and Howie started lambasting the decision. If there is one media guy who I feel is fair and reasonable, it's Billy Jaffe. When I hear him complain VEHEMENTLY, something is really wrong.

So what is behind this? Is there really a conspiracy as we all start to think? "Oh, well, it's against the Islanders what do you expect?"

Considering everything I've seen in the last two years, I'm starting to wonder if it isn't true. Is it something against Charles Wang? Is it something against Garth Snow? Is it an old grudge against Mike Milbury? Or am I just being paranoid like so many other fans.

I am sorry for Frans. He was having a hell of a start. I'm worried for Josh. Something tells me that any chance he had of returning to his junior team just evaporated.

Scott Gordon is being verbally abused for not putting Mitch Fritz out on the ice last night to "seek and destroy" after Frans was helped from the ice. But I cannot really condemn his thinking. I, and just about everyone else who posts on prominent blogs and message boards, am not an NHL coach. Knowing that Gordon thinks every angle of every move, I know he had his reasons. Perhaps it didn't go the way he planned. But I'm certain he felt it was the right move at the time.

It looks like this game against Buffalo is going to be a tough one. They already had a hard time in the first and they played most of it on the power play.

"Think" boys, along with "skate, skate, skate."

And another thing, in the "WTF?" mode. What is with MSG Plus' volume on their HD broadcast? Could it BE any more annoying fading in and out like this???