Almost HOME Opener 10-10-08

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So, I'm in the Hampton Beach Casino with 2,433 screaming kids watching four bands I have never heard in the back of the room at the bar area with the rest of the parents who brought their screaming young teen girls.

The only difference is .... I'm getting text messages about the Islanders/Devils game at the Rock. I seriously need to get a better freakin' phone.

Big Angry Man got a kick out of knowing that Zach Parise scored, and that he was the Devils leading goal scorer last season. He keeps talking, I'm getting a Parise jersey to shut him up.

I expected the Islanders to win since I had no way of watching or listening. But surprise, they didn't.

To all those heading to the game tonight.... Have a great time. Keep me posted.

I'll be at UNH keeping an eye on Blake Kessel.