And we're back for the 3rd.

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Okay the tub of trail mix is probably the best bargain on the concourse. $5 is well worth it for the mix of pecans, walnuts and other cruncy stuff that at least isn't fried.

Steve Herman from IslesNation stoppe by to say hello and so did Katrina Doelle who is here on her day off with a friend from New Jersey.

There's a new feature where you can text a message to the jumbotron. I'm sure someone is monitoring them before they appear... or at least I hope so.

So they start the third two men down as Comrie and Meyer are still in the box. And at 19:02 of the third, it is now 6-0 Sabres, and DiPi is still on the bench and for some reason Thompson is still in the box. Maybe it's a better view from there. Oh look Jeff Tambellini just decided to join him with 2 minutes for tripping penalty.

We wondered what the cheering was for coming from Sec 330. But it was just a fan being kicked out by security.

It's about time! So now I get to hear the goal song that is so in question. Um... uh... what's so bad? We stil have the wooooooo at the end? So what's the problem?

I think this game is going to have more penalty minutes than playing minutes by the time it's done.

Well, now that it's 7 - 1 with 9:42 left, I think it's time to pack up and get ready for the post game. ha ha ha ha....