Another Casualty, this one named Nielsen

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UPDATE: Mottau suspended two games for elbowing
And they wonder why the Islanders fans fall into conspiracy theories! WTF?

I am not that upset with the 5 - 2 loss to the Devils. I am, however, very upset at the loss of Frans Nielsen who has been doing so well under Scott Gordon recently.

Injury may be part of the game, but inflicted injury is another thing. Of course, this leaves us waiting on pins and needles to see if the NHL will dole out the punishment they claim will be the norm for an elbow to the head by Mike Mottau.

I did not see the hit. I cannot comment on whether or not Frans had his head down, or the look of intent. I can only comment on what I have heard from the League regarding their desire to take a stand on hits to the head.

Well NHL, while I await the determination of how long we will lose Frans for, I will also await a decision on Mottau. If Pock received a five game suspension and the loss of over $17,000 in salary, what will Mottau receive?

This is a question every Islander fan has on their mind tonight. It almost eclipses the thoughts of a game in Buffalo tomorrow.