Another Re-Run - Game Recap

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If I'm tired of watching this, I'm sure the team is as well. Another three goal lead, another third period collapse. Everyone stands in the room and asks "What happened?" The answer is easy to describe and hard to fix.

Stan Fischler asked Scott Gordon if the team was tired in the second. He answered that they had to be because they spent so much time in their own zone. And then Scott said something I never thought I'd hear. The power play was atrocious.

In the locker room, Brendan Witt was already in his stall -- waiting for the onslaught. Again, the question at hand; WHAT HAPPENED? He said they stopped skating and started watching. Well, Crosby and Malkin are fun to watch. But that should be for us in the audience.

"They outplayed us. We don't complete 60 minutes to give ourselves a chance."

When Joey MacDonald entered the room, again the same questions again the answer boiled down to "We stopped skating."

Stan Fischler finally got the answer he was looking for when Doug Weight with a quarter size welt on his face said "The third period, we were tired and sluggish. Give those guys room and they're going to make plays."

I was happy to see Josh Bailey allowed into the room. He did have a two point night, and he handled himself well. Mike led the questioning for the bloggers that surrounded him after Point Blank had finished talking to Josh in the far end of the room.

I actually couldn't take much more. I waited in the foyer for my car escorts.

While I was waiting, I watched Bryan Trottier wait patiently with a man and his young son. As Sidney Crosby come out, he stopped him, introduced himself and asked for an autograph for the boy. Not only did Sid sign for him, but he leaned down and had a little conversation with the boy.

No matter what you think, this is really what it's all about. A star player taking the time late in the evening to chat with a young fan, an Islander fan at that.

Yes, it was a lead squandered once again. But there is still nothing greater than the game itself. So we will watch, and wait. And pray they can figure out how to fix it.