Back on the Ferry Jeff!

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So after Christmas shopping (if that's what you can call it) for hours, I return home to take a quick peek at what's going on and see that my two closest buddies just did an ITV interview with non other than Josh Bailey. This is becoming a habit for Mike and Tiger Track Tom as they were one of the first to interview him in Ottawa at the draft. Good work guys! Invite the boy to a diner party. And don't forget to invite me too!!!

Yes, yes. The time has come for Jeff Tambellini to get back on the Ferry to Bridgeport where he knows the ropes and the back of the net. The press released said he has "agreed" to a conditioning stint. His "condition" was fine. I hope his head will be "conditioned."

But I'll just say, if GM Garth Snow had anything to do with Jeff "agreeing" to seeing his old Sound Tiger buddies, I can understand his acceptance. Garth can be VERY persuasive, especially when he isn't happy. And considering the numbers that Jeff has, (I know, "What numbers?") I can't imagine he's happy one bit.

So keep your head in the game Jeff. Find the net once again. Regain your form, and we'll see you soon.

Crossing over the LI Sound in the other direction is #57, Blake Comeau. He seemed to have been unceremoniously shipped off weeks ago. I'm sure he'll be looking to make a case for himself to stay in Uniondale.

Question: Do they swap apartments then, or does everyone in transit just live at the Mariott?

Hmmmmm.... I wonder. Well, good luck to both.

As it is the Holiday season (shoot me) I'll be whining (yes, that kind of whining), dining and dancing this evening instead of yelling, cheering and blogging with my Blog Box buddies. But, I'll still be wearing my colors! (I think! IF I can pull it off and still look 'festive'!)

Have a great night all!
Oh! PS, out of sheer 'wtf'.... I signed up for Twitter. So if anyone has a clue about it... let me know!