Bergenheim paying for the Sins of Mark Gandler? 8-16-08

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I had about a half hour in Nassau County today and wandered over to the Islanders team store. As I had been told at the press conference that certainly there was a Bergenheim customized jersey available at the store, I decided to see for myself.

There's a sale going on with 40 - 50% off selected merchandise and a whole raft of new T-shirts and jerseys for Weight and Streit. But I looked and looked. Then I had the little blond sales girl look through every single jersey in the store. Guess what? THERE WAS NO BERGENHEIM JERSEY TO BE HAD!

"You know. I've had some people ask me for them too. But we can make them up if you want." So I told her the story about the press conference. She smiled. "No. I haven't seen one in the store."

"I'm told you can have it made up in two days if I wanted." Again, the pretty little girl smiled at me. "Well, it MIGHT take a little longer than that."

So while two new guys haven't even hit the ice yet have merchandise racks all to themselves, the 2001 First Round Draft pick STILL doesn't have an item in the store with his name on it. I understood this when we didn't know if he was going to be able to cut a deal with the Islanders for a new contract. But now that Garth has given him a two year deal, you would think that custom merchandise should be next.

I know that the t-shirts must be made in no less than 240 pcs at a time. Do they really think Bergenheim doesn't have 240 fans out there?

Personally.... I think this is just a dig for the problems caused by his ex-agent. It's all the little things that have happened to him since the "No, no, he'd rather play in Europe than take a two way deal with the Islanders." fiasco. We all know how that turned out for him.

I don't even think Sean's butt was on the plane to Russia before Park had his number already sewn on his new Jersey. Russia wasn't a happy place for Bergie, so he bolted over to Sweden where his new jersey had so much advertising on it, you couldn't tell what his new number was.

I could go on and on about the little things I've seen that make me believe he's being "picked on" by the organization. But I'll stop here.

There's a new coach and Sean has a new contract. I'll hope for the best and see what happens. But just be forewarned guys. I'm watching you. If I don't like the way you're treating my boy.... you WILL hear about it.... a LOT!