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Ted Nolan fired/walks away as head coach from the Islanders!

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Wow, things are really changing with the New York Islanders. I just received news of Ted Nolan's departure (NEWSDAY) and am still in a state of shock. Sure, if you follow the team, you know the seeds of dissent were planted within the last several days, undoubtedly in a PR move to attempt to save face for the organization.

It is still unclear, and may never be clear if he indeed had philosophical differences with Garth and they mutually decided it was time to go. Was he was fired, did he quit, or did they play paper scissors stone to decide if he was going to stick around for another year? It is fuel for the fire, and adds more drama to an already dramatic club.

A big thanks

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I've been starting to get the word out about this site and "the plan" for it. I'd like to thank all of you that have come here so far and hope that you see the possibilities with it. So far I've added a bunch of great videos and have been making minor tweaks based on your suggestions. It is going to be a slow summer waiting for hockey season to start so we've got a few months to get the site into shape and make it as great as possible!





New York Islanders Draft and Free Agency

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The Islanders are sticking to the rebuilding plan. I won't get into rehashing the events of the draft, but at least it looks as if the farm system has been restored somewhat. It is unusual for the team to not make any splashes, and this years draft was no exception, but at least I can live with rolling the dice on a few more players rather than just one. Who knows if Filatov will produce? it doesn't matter anymore actually. It's time to move on and support our guys.

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