Blue Jackets are in town - 11-3-08

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And it's also the first game of the season that IslanderQueen and I are seeing together (sort of) so I'm somewhat distracted.

Jon Sim seems to have earned the ire of the linesman as he has been called now for two penalties so early in the first. However, IslesOfficial Doug has explained that the last goalie interference call is purely a black and white issue.

WE don't care.

2:42 left, SOG 7 - 13 and ther is no score. Now, let's see if Joey has the Ricky syndrome of letting up a goal with 1 minute left.

Hopefully not. Oh, and Tambellini was actually throwing around his body for a change. What a surprise. Okay, heading to gate One for the Meet & Greet. Someone should score now.

And they did because IQ and I stood at gate 1 waiting, and waiting but no one else from NYIC showed up. We did manage to chat with some fans from Finland who were wondering why Sean Bergenheim wasn't in the line up tonight. I was wondering the same thing. But Tiger Track Tom found me on the concourse to tell me that Sean has the flu. I hope these four gentlemen didn't fly from Finland to see Sean play. They must have my luck for sure.

So while IQ and I were in the Ladies room, Richard park made it 1 - 0. They're not going to let me sit at the table pretty soon. And sure enough, as soon as I got to the door, Bill Guerin made it 2 - 0. Again, they're thinking that I'm the bad luck as they are usually down by many when I'm at the table. WE'll have to change that tonight for sure.

And just as I said that Campoli manages to find a whole in the dog pile in front of.. who? Norrena? And a short handed goal no less! Good for him, he so needed that.