The Color Of Commitment 10-8-08

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I think you have seen the new full page, full color Islanders ads in Newsday. Graphically, they are all striking and editorially all poignant.

One of the first was the one on the back of the Shea Stadium pull out section called "The Color Of Commitment."

"There’s nothing quite like being a sports fan on Long Island. In particular, the winning combination of the Mets and Islanders has created a sense of pride in our culture and a passion in our hearts.
It’s a tradition that has embraced six championship titles, and decade after decade of unforgettable moments and record-breaking success. For these steadfast teams and their faithful followers, the future is as bright as orange and blue."

I'm bringing this ad up for a reason (even though I'm a Yankees fan). It's that "commitment" statement.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of lunching with Katrina Doell, the Public Relations director from the Lighthouse Project and author of The Lighthouse blog. Commitment would be a perfect word to describe what we discussed over lunch. A commitment to Long Island and a commitment to this team.

I know that as fans we are constantly bombarded with talk of moving our team to far away places starving for NHL hockey. They throw daggers at us when they say "The Lighthouse will NEVER be built."

I think it's time we start throwing some back. We need to supply all the support we can for this project to push past the political red-tape of Nassau County. Check Katrina's blog often as she will have information on the pending town hall meetings. (Those in of themselves are interesting as hell if you've never seen your local government work!) Use the letter forms on their website which we have linked to the NYIC message board.

And by all means, stop by the Lighthouse table on the concourse during games and say hello.

I told her all the talking we did at lunch was off-the-record with the exception of one really exceptional quote that I couldn't help but write down.

When I told her that I'm criticized often for being a cheer-leader and wearing orange colored glasses and just trying to "see the light at the end of the tunnel" she sighed and looked me in the eye and said "Dee, if there's NO light at the end of the tunnel, then it's just a hole."

And the only "hole" we're looking for is the one they're going to dig in the parking lot of the NVMC to build our new home.

Sidenote: Tambellini on facebook chat at 12:30 pm. Anyone want to bet we crash the website by 12:36?