Comrie & DiPietro Injury Update - From the Bleachers

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So what was I doing at IceWorks today at "11 ish"? Hiding. Hiding from work as I had been incredibly annoyed by a project gone wrong. So the lure of the ice had called to me. And knowing I wasn't going to be at the Coliseum tomorrow for the game, I found myself sitting in the cold air of the rink with a coffee mug, gloves and my camera. (the photos are really blurry. Sorry.)

My phone rang as I sat there alone. It was my boss. I can go for months without him even knowing I'm alive. As soon as I leave the building to be alone, he needs me. I wasn't leaving yet.

It wasn't until 11:35 am that Mike Comrie in a yellow jersey came out onto the ice, alone. Shortly after, he was joined by Ricky in a track suit and grey hooded sweatshirt. He skated around without his gear, but in his goalie skates which made him pretty slow and deliberate.

He must read the damn message boards, because he shot a puck right at my head and skated away. I watched him skate around trying to put the puck in the net. Once, twice, three times. He shot wide, he shot high, he clanged the post. Finally on try number 4, it found the back of the net.

Josh Bailey walked by, gave me a big smile and said "Just another day, eh?" Yep. Just another day.

I watched Rick, who was all smiles and playing with the pucks like a kid. Someone else came out onto the ice to be with the two of them. Comrie was moving quite slowly, every move seemed calculated. He grimaced. Basically, he looked a lot like me first thing in the morning getting out of bed wondering why the hell everything hurt. These two Islanders, who were not in the team meeting that Gordon held upstairs, seemed polar opposites.

Rick skated unencumbered and smiling. Comrie skated and would stop occasionally, and put his stick on his knees. I felt bad for him.
This was the first time my butt was actually cold on the bleachers. Yep. It's winter.

It wasn't until 12:07 that the team left the office and headed into the locker room to put on their gear. I knew I couldn't wait around and watch them. I headed over to say hello to Greg Logan, who had been there since 10:30 am, after only getting 3 hours of sleep to catch an early morning flight. Oh, yes. Beat reporter. What a glamorous life!

Far more glamorous than mine, but I get more sleep!

So there you have it. Ricky looked good, thinner, but good. Comrie looks in like he's in pain. And Okposo was all smiles for the two seconds I saw him.
Yeah, not exactly the press release you were looking for, right? But truthfully, for those who I've read who may have questioned Comrie's status; that's the only reason I wrote this.