Cookie Cutter Season

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Hot start, optimism abound.  short lived.  Enter losing streak.  Extended bad luck.  Bad calls.  et al.  ad nauseum.

Isles fans optimism from early in the season had taken a distinct turn into chicken little, sky is falling territory.  A 5 game losing streak in a 48 game season will do that to the fans though.   Any early season kudos for a great start have been erased, and fans are looking for answers.  More often than not, they are finding that their club has been taking the path of least financial resistance.  That’s not to say they can’t do anything to improve the team, but it’s unlikely.  The trade for Tim Thomas’ contract give them some flexibility to stay above the cap floor and cut some dead weight on the team, but alas, the track record of late is to spend little, get less.  Read BD Galloff’s article and you can see why optimism is tough right now for the fans.