The Definition of "Irony" -- 10/23/08

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So, I travel 5 1/2 hours to Boston to take in a Bruins/Leafs game the day before my husband gets his wish of seeing The Who one more time. And WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS???

Well, I get a phone call from IslanderQueen just as I sit down to lunch in a Woburn Mass Pizzaria UNO.

"Do you want me to give you the bad news or do you want to find out for yourself?" she said.

First, let me say my heart sunk as I thought she was going to tell me something a little more ominous. I'm picturing car accidents, heart attacks and Kurt Cobain episodes.

"Blake is a healthy scratch. Steve Depot just posted it on the board."

"WHAT? He's toying with me. I know it." I said in disbelief. But this was not Steve doing his typical "let me screw with Dee routine." This was true. Jason Blake was a healthy scratch for the Maple Leafs after I travelled 350 miles.

I still wore my Team USA Blake Jersey, I still put my Islander necklace with the "55" dangling from it back on. (Yes, Corey. I still have it. I just happen to have TWO of them.) And lastly, I still had a good time at the game.

TD BankNorth is an amazing arena at the top of a train station. Boston is not as frightening as New York, even with it's traffic. The concourse has so many things in it that we don't have that I couldn't even stop to count them all. It did have a wine kiosk that I would like to petition for, but it also has a Dunkin Donuts that doesn't sell donuts. Who would think.

I had amazing seats directly behind Pierre Maguire doing commentary and also behind that nutcase Hollweg. I took every opportunity to stare him down until Big Angry Man asked me to please stop. Although, he did get into the act and yelled at him "Hey Hollweg! Simon says 'hello!'" Mike kept me posted about the Isles game and even had a bet going with Danno. No one one, but Danno did come pretty close. Mike gets to keep his bourbon.

IslandQueen let me know that she could see me on TV in my Jersey behind Maguire. I'm glad I wasn't shoving food in my face at the time. (And of course, being my closest friend, she taped the game for me too!)

The TSN suite was directly infront of me but high in the rafters. That's where Blake was watching his team mates WIN. That's where I was strainng to see if I could see him sitting up there. I think I did, but then again, it could have been any albino up there.

Tomorrow The Who play in the same building, and I've got great seats for that too. Hopefully, Roger Daltry isn't a healthy scratch and replaced by Robert Plant. Then Danno will be just as upset as I was tonight.

Yep. That's the way things go.

Someone please tell me what the hell they use the mallet for behind the bench...