Don’t Look Back

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From the opening shift of the 7-0 blowout to the Flyers, the team didn’t have it.  In what unfortunately is becoming standard form, Moulson lost his man (Giroux) on the back-check and Giroux scored.  To sum things up, I feel, regretfully,  like I lost 2 hours of my life.  It’s the kind of loss where as a fan you feel like the team owes you something afterwards.  It also begs the question – Where was the motivation?.. Where was the tongue lashing between periods by the next in line Doug Weight?

The team pulled no rabbits out of their hats, nor goals out of their —es.  Don’t look now, but luckily there won’t be much time to sulk about this one.  Put up a good effort and a win and this will be the benchmark of how low the team can go.  Start a new losing streak and it will start an avalanche of destruction and will likely claim several victims.  I know I already feel like a victim…  Games like the last are just unwatchable.  I feel for the full house that had to watch the team lay an egg in front of all of those young fans…