Follow Up: Scott Gordon on Steve Carlson -8/20

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So at tonight's open house, "Grilling Gordon" I asked coach Gordon what he remembered of his time with Steve Carlson as his coach. (I figured it was only fair.... I did preface the question by letting him know that Mr. Carlson had nothing but good things to say about HIM. You know... just in case he didn't read this yet.)

A big smile came to his face. Since I was asking the question with a microphone spewing feedback in my face, I didn't takes notes. But the gist of his response was that he was very happy for the opportunity to continue to play. Since he was sent down to the ECHL, he thought his playing days were over. But it was actually a year and a month from that time that he played his first NHL game and then went on to the Olympics.

I asked if he had any Slap Shot style memories of his time there. "The thing I remember most about Steve Carlson was when I'd ask him 'How far is Knoxville from Johnstown?', he'd always answer "It's only this far.'"(holding his fingers about an inch apart.)

You could see he had good memories of his time there and of Carlson. Although... I'm sure I'll get much better stories when he's not in front of a crowd with a microphone in his hand.