Friday Night Twitter

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With the Isles in FLA awaiting tomorrow's game against the Panthers, I'm stuck here watching the Leafs play the Rangers. Currently: Rangers 0 Post 2.

Wow! Gas in Farmingdale today was $2.99 a gallon! Sucks that I'm happy with that detail.

Found out today that next week's issue of The Hockey News will have a special tribute to Paul Newman written by Jay Greenberg with contributions by Hanson Brother Steve Carlson. (Check his website for a cool look down memory lane at the ORIGINAL Hanson/Carlson Brothers!) I hear the THN article is a must have for every hockey fan and Slap Shot enthusiast. If you don't have a subscription to The Hockey News, you ca actually purchase since issues on line. But the subscription is well worth the price. They also offer an online subscription.

So Scott Gordon lost his cool a little on the bench Thursday night? Good! It's about damn time we saw a little fire behind the bench. While talking to Mr. Carlson, we discussed the current Islanders youth movement and his friend Scott Gordon.

He told me that "losing is easy. Winning is hard. They can't be satisfied with their win against Tampa. They need to be consistently good -- all the time."

Having full faith in Gordon he said to wait at least 20 games for "Scotty to do his magic." Okay... I've got time.

I called the Port Jeff Ferry company today and found out that they WILL be doing another promotion with the Sound Tigers. $29 for round trip fare and a Sound Tigers ticket. Considering that the normal price of a round trip ferry ride is $25 for a walk on, that means it's only $4 to go to the hockey game. You can't beat it! Sadly, tomorrow's home opener won't work with this promo because they are currently only running two boats, and the last ferry back tomorrow is 8 pm. Game time is at 7. So, yeah... then you'd actually GET $4 worth of hockey. But this is something I'm definitely going to do this season. Maybe even more than ONCE. (Call for reservations and details.)

So they brought back Pick & Win. Cool. It was fun, even if I really am horrible at it. I also don't remember reading anything about the winner of last year's grand prize. I must have missed it. But it is great fun. Sign up again as your registration from last season won't work.

Once again Chris Dey has taken his chances responding to the change in radio choice by posting an open letter on IslanderMania. I give Mr. Dey credit for his willingness to address the fans. For further clarification of the situation, Botta's Point Blank has added details (as only Point Blank can). I'm mentioning this for two reasons. First, I am probably the largest proponent of XM radio because there is nothing like having 24/7/365 hockey. No. Nothing. I pay that monthly fee gladly for the luxury of being able to hear about hockey in July. Second, I have always liked 94.3 FM. And I'm pretty happy listening to the promotion that this radio station is giving the
Islanders. I admit, it sort of makes me smile when I hear it.

Hockey Fights Cancer tie & scarf auction with all proceeds going to cancer research. Great cause, not bad looking neck ware. Wonder how much they go for UNSIGNED? Very classy looking.

What else? Oh... Rangers beat the Leafs in a shoot out after a scoreless game. The Leafs can't catch a break for nothing.