Game 10 for "Ace" Bailey an Islanders win 11-29-08

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I'm still waiting for Josh's, (oh excuse me, according to the Maven he is now "ACE" Bailey) first NHL goal. Maybe he's waiting for me to be in the building. I'd appreciate that.

I didn't make it to the Coliseum tonight, but I see it was a success in more ways than one. Another big check handed to a local charity, another fun night for the fans, and another two (much needed) points.

There were no interesting pins on the announcers lapels tonight. I missed them. Actually, I missed most of the game so that I could be in my Normal Rockwell USA town's Christmas kick-off called "Miracle on Main" complete with gingerbread house contest, classic cars, live music and Christmas movies for the kids. Of course since it was game day, I had to wear my Islanders gear, even for the Christmas festivities!

I did manage to get back in the middle of the second to see Freddy Meyer shine and Hunter get the empty netter. Nice. I... uh... also spent an hour and a half on-line shopping so I have no other comments on the game. Other than... Woo Hoo! Two points! And they didn't blow the lead!