Gordon's version of 'War & Peace' 11-24-08

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Scott Gordon may have a different version of "War & Peace" than the Islanders fan base. He was blasted left, right and upside down for how he handled the game on Friday that saw the loss of budding talent, Frans Nielsen.
He was lambasted for not sending gargantuan Mitch Fritz out onto the ice to "send a message"during Friday's Isles /Devils matchup. But maybe Gordon has a different message.
I am not one that calls for the end of fighting in the NHL, so please don't start whining at me. But considering that Gordon had already lost Trent Hunter from the game when he stood up for Frans, I'm assuming Scott had a different plan; one that wasn't immediately visible.
It's a long season, one that has begun with an unusually high amount of injuries. Every time one player returns to the line up, another one is out for weeks. That can't be easy on the coaching staff, and it's not easy on the fans.
The extended loss of Frans with those "multiple leg injuries" (enough injury info guys, or are you stil going to complain?) makes the Josh Bailey "stay or go" decision even more important. I've got an itchy little feeling that he won't see Windsor again this year. If that's the case, please get this boy some permanent housing.
Congrats to Mike Sillinger for his four assists with Bridgeport his first time back on the ice since his hip surgery. He must have been having a lot of fun.
Good luck boys tonight in Montreal. Sadly, native Long Islander Mike Komisarek is also out for an extended period with his own injury. It's just always nice to see NHL players from our neck of the woods, no matter what sweater they wear.
Okay coach, tonight you may have to "put your balls to the wall and make a decision." I have faith you'll make the right one. Another 2 points will put the Friday loss further in the distance. Let's go for it!