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What a treat, so Dina comes to hang with the Bloggers and takes over Stephen's machine and blogged for awhile on while Billy Guerin scored to give us all Free Chili. Of course, Dina is sporting some really cool shoes tonight too.

The game did get really intense for a few minutes there. But Joey was not only good, but lucky as well. Sean is hustling hard and Bailey has his second assist for the night. Can he make it a 3 point night?

Doug had to play the Peanut Buter Jelly song about FOUR times for Dina. That was for the big bannana in Loudville. She would have stayed longer, but you know... She was working.

With only 35 seconds left, the Penguins get one back. But that's okay. We still have 20 more minutes of hockey to go and, if all goes as planned, they will hold the lead or add to.

The second intermission starts and Adam is told he is NOT allowed to catch another t-shirt! And he didnt'!

Third period starts after I chitchat with old Softball parent friends of mine. Everyone is coming by the Blog Box tonight! Even Mrs. Webby stopped by to wish me Happy Thanksgiving.

Is there any possible way we can get 4?

They're reviewing a play where Joey ended up in the net with five players on top of him. Don't know why... oh wait... Doug is explaining it. Of course.

As usual, I decide to go to the bathroom, and the Penguins score. Sid the Kid strikes again. Actually, is he still a kid? I guess so. 12:22 and we are now 3 - 2. and SOG are even at 22. They cannot let this game get away from them. They can't.

The Penguins are pressuring, and the Isles iced the puck. Back in their own zone they go.

With 9 minutes left of the 3rd, Malkin scores to make it 3 -3. Doug and I both saw it coming as Malkin skated right up to Joey and shot. We said "Oh S**T" in unison. I'm sure so did Joey. Well, we've seen this movie before.

Crosby just gave Malkin the puck once again and he blasted it past Joey to make it 4 - 3 Penguins. So much for carrying the lead. 7:59 left. They will have to at least tie the score to get one point and make the fans at least SOMEWHAT happy. Gordon is NOT calling a time out to calm the troops. WE don't know why.

In very uncharacteristic fashion, Bill Guerin just took a roughing penalty as he went after anyone in a white jersey. I feel like my head is going to explode. I can't imagine what Gordon feels like.

Should we pack up with only 6:41 to go? Maybe that will help them tie it up and go to Overtime?

Let's hope so.