Here we go again...

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It's becoming a pattern. And not a very pretty one. The Islanders are up by three early in the game and then fall short at the end of 60. I'm not one that likes change, but this is a pattern I'd like to see them break right now. I'm sure Scott Gordon feels the same way as he seemed to have had a few choice words in the papers today.

I watched the last three minutes of the game with TravelChic at the Point Blank party last night. She went to say good-bye as the Islanders were down 3 - 4 and I begged her to stay.

"You can't leave now! There's only a few minutes left. They can tie it up. They can!" I stood up and kept her from leaving.

"Come on! I watched Ray Ferraro tie a game with 9 seconds left. They can come back." With wine induced eternal optimism I crossed my fingers and kept my eyes on the screen.

"Dee, Ray Ferraro had TALENT. He could score goals. We're lacking in that department right now."

The clock ticked down and the horn sounded. Game over and another loss for the books. I looked at Jack Capuano behind the glass door of the restaurant. He wasn't smiling. I just pouted at him to show my disappointment. I looked at Tiger Track Tom Liodice, "I'm still waiting for Scotty to have a stroke."

It was not the way to end the game with a room full of enthusiast Islanders fans. But that's the way it ended.

Thanks to Mr. Botta for hosting such a lovely party. I wonder how Josh Bailey did in Westbury.

Happy Birthday IslanderQueen. Hope we made it memorable.

Thanks to fellow Blog Boxers B.D. Gallof, Ken Dick and Tom Liodice for taking such good care of me all evening. Sorry I gave your wife a new word to use on you B.D. But if I have to live with it... so do you.

Thanks to Patti and Christine for finding the Islander fan in them.

Extra special thanks to my wonderful friend Wendy for being the designated driver and schlepping my butt all the way to RVC on a weeknight. I won't even tell anyone we went the wrong way on Sunrise Hwy and didn't realize it until we hit JFK and that's why I got home so late. No... Not me... I won't breathe a word about it.