High Noon in Boston 11-28-08 (Blogging from the couch)

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The number of that truck is #17. Milan Lucic, the 20 year-old 6'4" left winger is hell bent on hitting as many Islanders as he can. First he took down Colliton in front of the Isles bench and got a tongue lashing from Witt. Then he gave Jackman yet another gash on his face when he crushed him into the boards during the last few minutes of the first period.

There was no penalty called, when there really should have been. It took Jackman a few minutes to get to his skates, and Lucic waited around waiting for something to happen--anything. No penalty, and no real retaliation. He skated away satisfied with himself.

The story of the first few minutes of the game has to be Nate Thompson in his first game back from sports hernia surgery. He's been solid with no signs of rest and tallied the first goal. I was amazed as the cameras followed him for what seemed like minutes, all alone in the Boston zone.

I'm still hoping for Bailey to get his first NHL goal, and considering how well the fore checking has been so far, it's a strong possibility today may be the day.

With a penalty called on Tambellini Boston scores on the power play to even it up. Why #12 was allowed to keep poking at the puck in Joye's pads, I don't know. But he did.

I was going to say we can start a new drinking game called the "Jon Sim shoots wide" game because I think he's missed at least five really good chances. But then I felt bad when he ran to the locker room with a towel on his face stopping the bleeding from somewhere. Sorry Jon.

At 11:36, it was almost 2 -1, but the cross bar is your friend, so with SOG even up right now at 14, Joey makes a very lucky save to keep the score even as well when the puck just bounces all the way to him on some bad ice.

Tambellini takes a second penalty for high sticking because he wasn't watching what was happening behind the net.

And again, the audio levels on MSG Plus HD are variable. (I'm going deaf, no I'm not. I'm going deaf, I'm cured. FIX IT DAMN IT!!!

Boston gets 3 SOG during that penalty and they caught a break since MacDonald lost the puck with no whistle, until he finally fell on it to freeze it.

Boston's Ryder makes it 2 - 1 at 4:44 of the second unassisted. Well, actually, the assist was from the giveaway by Brendan Witt, but they can't use that.

With less than 30 seconds left of the 2nd, the Islanders go on the power play, but the SOG are now a very UNeven 23 - 16 in favor of the Bruins. Joey has been getting far too much work.

Start of the third, and 2 SOG if that during their power play. As Danno came to sit with me, he called it. "Good teams would score here. The Islanders won't." Well, they didn't.

Dan keeps calling for Campoli to get back on the ferry. Having him say that whle watching him turn over the puck made it that mjuch more painful. Lucky for Campy, Joey has been in great position. He should buy him dinner when this is over.

At 13:22 Billy Guerin gets a break away, but Fernandez gets a toe on it and it hits the boards. At 13:12, Blake Wheeler flies to the other end of the ice and beats MacDonald to make it 3 - 1. The momentum seriously shifts.

Ten seconds later, Krejci makes it 4 -1 and by 12:40, Peter Maninno makes his NHL debut. What an afternoon. It was great to see Gordon speak to Joey when he came back tot he bench, and top off the conversation with a pat on the shoulder pad and a "Good job." MacDonald has been playing very well. But he can't save them all. No goalie really can.

At 10:50, when the Bruins made it 5 - 1 Witt decides to continue his conversation with Lucic. This time with his fists. Sadly, Witt seems to get the worst of it. Not to be outdone, Jackman and Hnidy square off and that one gets quite bloody to say the least.

Once they get back to playing hockey, Richard Park adds to the Isles score on a power play. But with 8 minutes left, it's more a personal bonus than a team victory.

With the SOG now 23 - 36 with only a little more than five minutes left in the third, I'm wondering how high it can go.

Ryder beats Maninno and makes it 6-2 on the power play. Not the debut he was looking for, I'm sure.

To add insult to insult, Lucic made it 7 - 2 and Joey MacDonald blew a gasket on the bench. The defense is leaving this kid out to dry. And they did.

AS if I didn't think they'd lose a day game. Back on the bus boys. You've got a game tomorrow too. Shake it off.

Just a note: Scott Gordon said something I found to be very telling when asked how he felt about MacDonald's play of late. "He's been what every teams #1 goalie HAS to be."

Now if they can get the rest of the team to play the way they're supposed.