HOME OPENER @ UNH 10-10-08

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Surprise, Surprise. It's UNH's Home Opener too tonight! But they're going to have fireworks outside this absolutely amazing complex this evening.

The only draw back to this place is the parking situation. We missed the first few minutes because we were clueless as to where to park and there seemed to be no one directing traffic. Other than that... what an amazing place.

Unlike the Islanders, there is no score in this game and there has been a multitude of penalites. UNH is playing Wiss. UNH is ranked 7th and WI is ranked 14th. But from here, it looks like I'm watching the Leafs play the Red Wings.... but with more penalties.

Garth would be happy to know that Blake Kessel is getting quite a lot of Power play and penalty kill time. But hese got four other players on this team who are already drafted by NHL teams.

I'll get into that after.

Let's just start with this.

2nd period is starting and oh look... another WI Power Play.