An Hour with a Hanson Brother - 8-19-08

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Monday I had the pleasure of spending an hour on the phone with Steve Carlson from Slap Shot fame. We talked about everything from his start in high school hockey to his new film Slapt Shot III: Junior League being released in November.

But of course, because I don't want to leave any fascinating detail out, it's taking me a while to put together.

So look for the first of THREE parts no later than tomorrow. First up will be Steve Carlson's memory of playing against the Islanders in 1980 and his feelings about Islanders new Head Coach Scott Gordon. Because the world is the size of a walnut, Gordon actually was coached by Carlson during his stay with the Johnstown Chiefs.

In the meantime, check out and for some great official merchandise as well as some really good laughs. (Check the fan Q&A section for their trademark humor.)

It's great stuff! You'll love it!