The Ike Spike - Shame on EXXON - 9-14-08

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I interrupt this hockey blog to get angry at something I was witness to today. Gas gouging. Or so it seems. But I'd like to understand why the EXXON stations (you know the guys who made billions of dollars in profits) seem to have made the bold move of increasing their gas prices to about $4.09 a gallon for regular while other gas stations have only increased their prices by about .05 a gallon to about $3.79.

I actually bought gas at HESS for $3.69.9 a gallon ON CREDIT. No difference between cash or credit. So please explain to me why there is a 50 cent per gallon spike? Last I heard Texas was only responsible for about 10% of the production. So if only 10% could be effected by Hurricane Ike, how can they in clear conscious raise the price by 50 cents in one day?

Disgusting isn't it? I think so.