Islanders, Barclays Featured In NHL16 Beta Video

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Personally, I have been purchasing the NHL series of video games from EA Sports since 1991, when the original was released for the Sega Genesis, featuring Los Angeles Kings goaltender Kelly Hrudey on the cover.

After the abomination that was last year’s version, the development team at EA has been hard at work trying to improve and add features that were inexplicably left out of the previous iteration of the game, such as EASHL.

The latest video presented by the mega sports game producing giant features predominately Islanders related custom work, such as the new digs in Brooklyn, the YES!YES!YES! chant after the realistic goal horn and players salute at the end of a victory (which in the clip, is over the rival New York Rangers, making it a little more sweet).

Now, I’m not about to open up my wallet after one clip and some Islanders specific graphical improvements until I am sure of an improved AI in all three zones and other gameplay enhancements that I feel are worthy of truly putting out another edition. But that’s purely my decision and opinion.

What’s yours? Does this make you want to buy a next-gen system if you don’t already own one? (EA has said XBox 360 and PS3 versions won’t be made). Are you ready to get your trades prepared to bring down the overall cost? Are you ready to trade Brian Strait and Josh Bailey? (No, you can’t fire coaches).

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