Islanders Win 3-2 in OT, but who knew? 10-3-08

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This is becoming increasingly frustrating. I understand it's pre-season. It means nothing in the standings. But the fact that if the Rangers have a borscht for breakfast in Prague, it will be on MSG. The Islanders play games in the tri-state and unless your psychic or perpetually connected to the Internet, you're screwed.

I don't get it. Newsday sent three reporters to a game that was not broadcast -- anywhere. Sure there were some live blog entries, but no TV, no audio feed, no webstream, not even a geek with a low frequency radio.

Today I asked Jason Lockhart if the game would be on MSG since it was the NJ Devils, the OTHER golden child of MSG. Sadly no. What he didn't tell me was that the Devils website had their audio feed running. I didn't find this out until there was only five minutes left to the game.

If the NHL is so concerned about growing the game, perhaps they should look in their own backyard. How can you grow a game that no one can find? Just a question.

In contrast, MSG Plus, (the channel you cannot locate on the MSG website unless you KNOW to look under TV) aired the one hour Moncton chronicles. Bill Jaffe was outstanding as usual, but for some reason the colors seemed off. The game video portions were crisp and clear, the interview portions were red. As if they were filmed in a dark back room.

I found it interesting that they mentioned Bailey's "contract" and being able to play 9 games in the NHL and still being able to return to his junior team. Um. When was this filmed?

So I take it we are without audio or video coverage until the season actually starts next Friday. I guess I will have to deal. But I'm really not a happy camper. In this world of instantaneous information I have to rely on message boards and 24 hour bloggers to get a sports score.

Sorry, but to me, something is seriously wrong with this picture.... it's blank.