Isles Canadiens Pregame Thoughts

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According to Pat Hickey from the Montreal Gazette [damn is that weird] former Canadien and current Islanders backup goaltender Yann Danis will get the start tonight. How this plays out tonight will be another story. At the very least, it will give Danis an opportunity to show what he’s got. Stranger things have happened before to this team and who knows. Danis could be a step above MacDonald and help this team at least get back to .500. they have a bunch of games over the next two weeks and this should be a great indication if this team is going to sink or swim this season.

While many already believe this team is done for the season, which as of right now I’d have to agree and say the John Tavares sweepstakes are looking like a done deal, the Isles played hard against a good Philly team and may in fact just need a few more games to really get things going.

On another note, please don’t even get me started with Rick DiPietro being put on IR on Thursday. All it does is prove that something else is going on and of course the fans of this team are left in the dust. My hunch is that DP is seriously injured and the team would rather keep fans out of the loop as to not make it look like they are giving up on the season.

From the way they’ve played thus far this season, it looks like exactly that.

This has nothing to do with Scott Gordon, but the Islanders youngsters have looked out of place and aside from a handful of guys that bust their humps on every shift, guys like Doug Weight, Trent Hunter and Mark Streit immediately come to mind, the Islanders are a team that has to play perfect hockey in order to win against even the most mediocre of teams.

They cannot commit costly penalties and must convert on the powerplay. Otherwise, every game will end in 7-1 loss or a 3-2 squeaker that could have been saved if they had a legitimate sniper and a defense.

Simply put, I haven’t seen an Islanders team this bad since the year before they picked up Mike Peca and Alexei Yashin.

So against a Montreal team that is red-hot, the chances of the Isles squeaking out a win solely depend on how badly this team wants to be considered more than failure. It’s completely up to them.

Sink or swim guys.

Sink or swim.