Isles Snap Shot

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The Isles are coming off a game against the Devils that by all account, they should have won.  They had ample power play time, yet Johan Hedberg stood on his head and robbed them the entire game for a 3 – 0 victory.  Throw in a bogus penalty against Brian Strait that basically cost them the game, and there you have it.

Line shift:

The team is moving Kyle Okposo off the first line.  My first response is, what will grumpy fans like myself have to complain about now?  It seems a no-brainer.  The line hasn’t clicked yet, and if they can re-kindle the Grabner-Nielsen-Okposo magic form the dark ages, all will be forgiven.  At the least, Okposo will be with some defensive minded players.  It also give Brad Boyes a chance to earn Parenteau money when he leaves the Island next summer as a free agent resigns with the team.

Speaking of Parenteau, he just scored goal number 7 on the season.  He seems like a bargain at 4 million per.  The big question is if he left because he wasn’t going to get paid, or if he left because he wanted to get out of Dodge.

Roster moves:

Radek Martinek, he of the perpetual injury, is on IR with another injury.  Poor guy…  I hope he gets healthy soon.  I would rather he be in the press box than a youngster.  And heaven forbid he can give the team some quality ice time at some point this year.

Bailey coming back.  Visnovsky also to magically re-appear.  Some roster moves need to be made.  The Martinek to IR was one.  Who’s next?  It must be one of the young guys.  Perhaps Finley, McDonald, Cizikas???  Important not to break up any lines that are working just to shoehorn Bailey back.  I definitely would like to see Bailey on the first line.  This year has to be the defining year of his career.  Not too many chances left when younger and cheaper options are pushing for spots from the Bridge.