Isles snooze 2-1 vs. Devs

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The game was mostly a snooze-fest.  There were some offensive moments in toward the end of the second and in the third period for the home Islanders,, but I think you can chalk this game up to the Devils being the Devils, which is good for them considering the loss of their captain Zach Parise this past offseason.

The Islanders have had some nice games against the Devs at the Coliseum in recent years, but this one started as an extension of their team scrimmage vs. Bridgeport on Wednesday.  Basically, nothing exciting.  That’s how the Devils play though.  They wear you down and then capitalize on your mistakes.  The Zubrus goal was off a poor line change, and the Clarkson goal came as the Isles were basking in the afterglow of Travis Hamonic’s goal.  I feel like Islanders need to improve in their shifts after scoring goals.  This obviously goes back a ways, but I had a bad feeling about that shift directly after they scored.