Isles Trade For The Ghost Of Tim Thomas

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Isles trade for the rights to Tim Thomas, currently suspended from the NHL as he is focusing, in his own words, on family, friends  and faith.  Don’t worry Isles fans, Rick DiPietro will still be the backup on the club.  Unless something cosmically profound happens, the move was to bring the team into compliance with the salary cap minimum.  The best part for the thrifty team is that they don’t have to pay him as he is suspended, don’t have to give up anything if he doesn’t play (likely), and get to enjoy being compliant with NHL’s policy of minimum team salary requirements.

I hate the move.  I’d much rather they overpay to get real NHL talent on the team, rather than playing games to circumvent the salary cap floor for another season.  I don’t want to buy into the theory that this sort of move is good for the team.  It’s time to move on from the cap minimum…  It’s being proven that it’s impossible to win anything but lottery picks can come at the cap minimum.