Joey, Joey, Joey.... 11-25-08

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As we can see, Joey is in great form. He's going to have to be.

Hello Eric Godard. How are you?

Can we all think REAL REAL HARD so Josh get's his first goal? Thank you!

Penguins take a penalty and the Isles go on their first power play. Think they can keep the puck out of their zone? Um, maybe not.

So with a 5 on 3 power play, Doug Weight gets the first goal with an assist by Josh. That's his 2nd NHL point.

And then, while I was on the phone, Hunter with an assist by Hilbert made it 2 - 0 and the crowd went nuts. Actually, it's a great crowd tonight, just as we had hoped for. We get three and it's Chili time.

Yikes!!! So Godard and Fritz decide to do a little tap dance center ice. I was a little upset because it was an ex-Islander that we really liked. It was a little upsetting for me. But, it's all part of the game.

Okay, the Blog Box is now full for the first time. We're even a seat short.

And, it's LOUD. OMG! My ears are going to bleed.

Everyone is calling for Tambellini's head. Pat Sajak is back at the barn tonight. Always nice to hear him say "The Rangers Suck!"
Hilbert gets a boarding call, and everyone a little pissy about that, but so far Joey is doing well, even with Satan crowding the net. SOG are now even at 10 - 10.
And we're back for the second period. Jackman for some reason, missed scoring while he was in the crease. And some poor schmuck didn't win the money from Capitol One and their 10K countdown.
Actually can't say too much about Jackman, as Sean did the same thing.
Sim draws a crowd behind the Penguins net and the countdown is done. The contestant does go home with a prize pack, just no cash. Just like the rest of us....