Less "FLASH" more "FAITH" Gordon 8-13-08

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Just got back from the press conference. I can't write much now, because I'm supposed to be...uh... WORKING.

The press conference went over very well, but I will say that I was surprised to see how reserved and low key someone who has a nickname of "FLASH" was presenting himself for the first time to the NY media. Of course, he must have been a little overwhelmed as he even admitted "There is no media in Providence." Here was room full that almost crushed him during the one on one camera interviews after the official presentation.

If you were lucky enough to see it, let me know if you too had a problem with the audio. I will have the balance of it up later tonight when I get home.

But I'll tell you the item I found the funniest. Garth Snow shut Mark Herrmann down in his questioning. The question at hand for Mr. Herrmann was "What is the 'multi-year' deal." Garth gave his company answer that they keep those types of details in house, and then he gave the look I know all too well and have come to completely respect. Mr. Herrmann is a journalist, where I am not. He did not take to the "I'm not telling you so move on." look. So Garth continued, "Does THAT answer your question Mark?" Oh! There's that glare. Don't poke the Dragon Mark! Don't poke the Dragon.

"No." Mark answered. Duck and cover everyone!

"Mark, I have great respect for you so how can I put this... It's none of your damn business." And there you have it! I found it was funny as hell. I apparently am not a journalist. And I'm not. I'm a blogger with a book in her head who likes to tell stories of what goes on that no one else is watching.

Like the fact that Garth is so tall and so uncomfortable at these things that I could see him kicking the curtain under the table. Oh details, details, details.

One more detail that you may not hear from anyone else. A quote from Bobby Nystrom last night (to an employee) when he heard it was Scott Gordon that was chosen: "GOOD! Not another re-tread!"

Later folks!

Thank you