Of Life & Death and Living 10-14-08

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I don't want anyone to think that I'm insensitive to what happened yesterday to the 19 year-old Ranger's prospect, Cherepanov. But I wasn't quite sure what to say yesterday. Islesblogger.com Mike may have an idea why.

When he told me yesterday afternoon about the tragedy in Russia, I was shocked that such a young man with his whole life ahead of him could have been stolen from life so quickly. But a few minutes later I received a call with similar news closer to home. Across the street to be exact. My neighbor, one of the Sayville Fire Dept wives, has just passed away as well.

This was particularly upsetting as my husband had bolted across the street in his p.j.s that morning at 5:50 am when the fire alarm sent out the word of an EMS call at their house. Also similar, the true cause is not known yet. She must have felt something in her sleep, got up and collapsed on the floor. She held on long enough for her son to arrive from out of state before she let go of life.

The loss of someone as young as Cherepanov and as long lived as my neighbor Betty only drive home the following points about LIFE.

There are no guarantees.
Bridges should never be burned, grudges should never be allowed to fester. Procrastination is a thief.

We are all given burdens in this life, but it is ours to make the best of. We alone are responsible for making our own heaven or our own hell. Treat others as if you may never see them again, because the sad truth is.... you may not.

Say a prayer for those lives lost, and those that remain, then go out today and make a difference in your own life.