Life Without Internet - 11/7/08

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Before I leave the office for the day, and before I forget, because I do those things, I just wanted to tell the few of my friends who become very concerned about me when they do not see me on line 24/7 that I will be fine.
A transformer blew up and took my in-house Internet connector with it. The only Internet connection is in the office which is quite far from the big screen TV and comfy couch. So if I am not on NYIC adding to otherwise rediculous comments, or generating additional blogdrivel, please do not think that I have finally done it and slit my wrists with Jason Blake's skate blades.
I just won't have internet for a few days. Should the withdrawal symptons be too much for me to handle, I will drag the laptop to the local Starbucks and connect from there. Should I actually have a heart-attack and die, I will make sure that someone posts it on the NYIC board, otherwise... I'm fine.