Mears & Kinger's New Home - 9-11-08

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The Islanders long awaited radio deal for the season was announced today. There was much speculation over the last few weeks as to where they would broadcast the games and what sort of coverage they would have.

The press release I received late this afternoon came as a pleasant surprise. Personally, I enjoy 94.3 FM and the fact that I can actually get the station all the way to my house on Eastern Long Island is actually... a bonus!

Before XM Radio and Home Ice, there were many nights we'd leave the Coliseum a little early (especially if it was a school night) and wanted to listen to the last three minutes of the game as well as the post game on our long ride home. First of all, locating the channel was a problem, then keeping it was even worse. Once we'd get to a certain point and it began to sound like "Snakes on the Radio," Big Angry Man would turn it off on me and I'd be very disappointed.

With XM carrying the games and the post game, I no longer have to worry about that. But I'm glad that the Islanders have partnered with the Long Island Radio Group. I think it will work out well for everyone.

Now... CAN THEY JUST GET IT PIPED INTO THE BLOG BOX SOMEHOW??? HELLO?? We're incommunicado there! We've tried web streaming NHL Radio feeds but to no avail. Basically, we are at the mercy of every one's phone to get crucial "at the moment" information because we can't hear anything.

How far can Steve and Kinger be from us in 201? I've got unlimited minutes now with my Verizon plan. Can I just CALL upstairs and leave the phone on? Just a thought.

Well, this is all good news for those who live outside our geography and good news for the Islanders.

Stop back on Sunday as (with any luck) I'll have an in depth interview with non-other than CJ Papa from TV 55/Channel 10. The hardest working sportscaster in the business. But first I have to get through my daughter's birthday. Amazing how quickly time flies, and yet, what seems like a blink of an eye also seems like a separate life time ago. So much has changed in the years since she first arrived in this world. She's not the same, and neither am I. And the one thing us Scorpios know how to do is perpetually reinvent ourselves.

Strange how these things work. But I guess... That's life.